I got a call from a former client of mine the other day. Keto Trim 800 Review She had gained weight and was looking for a quick weight loss program for an upcoming class reunion. She was thinking about taking some weight loss supplements, but didn't want to put chemicals into her body. Come to think of it, I don't even think she takes aspirin when she's sick.She said she had been looking at herbal weight loss pills, and wanted to get my opinion. I was her personal trainer 4 years ago, and she accomplished a lot while we were working together.

There are many weight loss systems out there today, and almost all of them tout their natural ingredients. But, just because these herbal pills claim to be "natural" does not mean they're safe. Hemlock, toadstools, and nightshade are all natural, but just a taste could kill you.Herbal, on the other hand, seems to imply that the substance is at least edible. But does it necessarily mean it's safe?