• Highly-experienced Canadian Manpower Agency leaders founded Bumsa Inc for the Canadian marketplace to provide cost effective talent solutions.
  • Many awards have been won by Bumsa Inc such as Canada’s Profit 100, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year, and numerous ACSESS awards for Community Service.
  • We have utilized Canadian Manpower Agency for ourselves and we always feel that there is drastic room for improvement.
  • To develop our industry as a leading outsourcing company, we took our own prior experience.
  • Scopes for haunting Canadian Manpower Agency are being reduced and the pressures are added due to the changes in the legislative.
  • To scale other team with minimal investment, various solutions are enabled by us to destroy the competition for the top talent in this fierce race.
  • High level of ethics, standards and constant training are always operated by Bumsa Inc to ensure that the best practices are adhered continuously.
  • Having your needs in a small or large scale is not a matter; Bumsa Inc is able to support all your requirements.
  • To win this drastic race together, we are looking for you to collaborate with us.
Solutions provided by Bumsa Inc

There are totally 8 solutions provided by Bumsa Inc. They are

    • Sourcing/Researching.
    • Recruiting.
    • Account Management.
    • Administration.
    • Lead Generation.
    • IT Technical Support.
    • IT Development.