Marketing is an important part of business strategy. But, today recruiting has become an equally important part. Almost 80% of HR professionals believe that recruiting is now an important marketing tool. The process is more candidate-driven and highly competitive. The strategies that the recruiters use for candidate sourcing are similar to those of marketers.

The main idea behind the whole process is branding. Employer branding is a trending thing and most companies now vie for it. Employer branding refers to a company's standing as an employer.

The branding process takes into account the general perception of the company. The goal of the employer brand is to attract high-quality employees and build a reputation in the market as well.

Employer branding is important, as more than 72% of candidates' research for an hour before applying for a job. More than 76% of candidates look for an attractive place to work in.

More than 94% of candidates apply for a job if the company manages its employer branding. More than 89% of HR professionals believe that a strong employer brand gives you an extra edge over competitors. You can also enhance your employer brand through Zoho consulting.

Tips to Enhance Your Employer Brand:-

1] Develop a Proper Content Strategy

To build a strong employer brand, it’s important to build a strong content strategy. You must create a multi-channel and comprehensive content strategy that will help to engage your target candidates.

Content strategy can be a time-consuming affair, but it will surely give you results in the long run. You can develop a strategy by consulting your candidate personas.

Your content must resonate with ideal candidates. Candidate personas also help you to personalize the recruiting content. Use the concept of storytelling to engage potential candidates on an emotional level.

It is important to emphasize your company's values as well. Modern job seekers look for employers who mirror their values. You can define your core values and promote them throughout your content.

2] Analyze Your Company Culture

If your company is a good place to work in, then you need to show that to your candidate. It is important to analyze your company's culture to enhance your employer brand.

You need to talk to the employees of your company and take their feedback. What they like and dislike about the working environment? Direct meetings with employees or face-to-face meetings will help you to understand their perceptive.

This will help you identify the red flags and give you time to improve the internal policies. As a part of an employer brand strategy, positive feedback will play out.

3] Reach Through Social Media

You can't promote and market your business without social media today. Social media has become an integral part of business marketing, and the reach is growing each day.

More than 79% of candidates search social media for jobs, so an employer brand plays a key role here. With good branding, an ideal candidate will get attracted to your company which will benefit your company as well.

Most companies post jobs on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. As a part of branding, you can make a separate recruitment profile for recruiting efforts on various social media platforms. Microsoft has a separate twitter handle @microsoftjobs to share content about jobs and employee culture.

4] Create an Employee Support Program

A new job seeker will trust a company's employee more than an employer. A new job seeker will ask about the working environment of the company to people working in the company.

For this, you need to create an employee advocacy program. Offer incentives to your employees who recommend new hires and also promote branded information.

Employees who are valued and respected by the company will go out of the way to promote a company's brand image. You should reward the efforts of your employees so that they become valuable brand ambassadors.

5] Test Your Employers Brand

Building an employer's brand is an ongoing process. But, like marketers measure the success of a marketing campaign, you can measure the success of employer brand strategies.

Track the right metrics to know about success. Look for reviews and ratings of the company through the site 'Glassdoor'. Look for a stable retention rate and track source of hire. Employer branding also requires happy employees and a healthy culture.

To sum up,

Integrity is the most important tool for employer branding. Create strategies and win over your employees. A fake company profile won't help you in the long run.