The biggest change you can 15 Minute Weight Loss Review make to lose weight without exercise is to change the size of your meals. Start to eat medium sized meals 4 - 5 times a day. It may sound like a lot but a steady flow of fuel will boost your bodies metabolism forcing it to digest these moderate meals instead of trying to process giant 5 course meals.

Water - Increasing your intake of water is a simple way to lose weight without exercise and will allow your body to process foods a lot easier as well as help to flush out toxins and can increase your body's metabolism by 30% when you drink around 17 ounces of water a day. Water is also a great appetite suppressant so when you feel thirsty drink a glass of water before you reach for a soda.

Green Tea - Green tea can be a great weight loss aid and helps to boost your metabolism. It contains caffeine which increases your core temperature to burn more calories. Best to drink it earlier in the day so that It does not affect your precious sleep.

Spicy Foods - Spicy foods increase your core temperature which leads to more calories burnt and a boosted metabolism, so for all your hot food lovers this is a great option. You could even make a nice hot soup laksa which helps you get your required water intake as well boost your metabolism.