The on-demand taxi business came into the market a decade ago. It has been a huge success since then. Careem is one of the well-established taxi brands in the market, which was launched in the year 2012. On witnessing its accomplishments in a few years, many business persons launched their taxi business in the market with an app similar to Careem. These advanced and efficient Careem clone apps were offered in the market by many Careem clone app development companies.

What does a Careem clone app consist of?

Careem clone is an on-demand taxi app that consists of three effective panels, namely: users’ panel, drivers’ panel, and the administrator panel. The role-based panels will have different functions and options.

User panel:

Social media account to sign in:

This option allows the customers to sign in to the app with the help of their social media accounts. Several platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more can be used to log in.

Book rides easily:

The customer can book their rides effortlessly with this app, and scheduling a ride by specifying the date and time are also available.

Tracking rides:

Once they are assigned a ride, they can track them with the help of the GPS facility included in the app. This will help them know the location and the estimated arrival time.

Ride history:

The past and the ongoing rides can be viewed under the trip history section available in the app.

Hassle-free payments:

Using any one of the secure gateways available in the app, the customer can pay easily for their rides.

Administrator panel:

Managing and monitoring:

The administrator has complete access to all the data related to the application. They can manage and monitor the process when required. Ongoing rides, trip history, invoices, reports, analytics, and more can be viewed by the administrator.

Payroll system:

The daily earnings of the driver can be monitored, and the administrator can cut down the commission and then transfer the money to the driver.

Approve drivers:

They also have to verify the documents uploaded by the driver and provide approval.

Managing fares:

The administrator can set the base fare and the surge prices based on the demand, distance, and other factors.

Sharing updates:

Regular updates can be shared by the admin to the users and drivers efficiently.

Driver panel:

Incoming requests:

The driver can accept or reject the requests they get from the users based on several parameters.

Trip updates:

With each stage of the trip, the driver will be able to update the status in the app. Status such as ongoing ride, cancellation, trip completion, and more can be updated.

Bank account integration:

The drivers can include their bank account information to the app, and the administrator can transfer money to their accounts in a few seconds.


The driver will have the facility to rate the customer out of 5 after the trip is complete.

Technical support:

They can contact the support team immediately in case of any emergenciess, queries, or concerns.

Summing up:

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