Here you will find all of your present and past favorite Movie replica swords and weapons. These quality replicas cover every movie on the planet.

The Batman Sword measuring an overall length of about 49.5 inches is a unique and super amazing sword, featuring great batman logos with a handle that is rubberized, it is incorporated with a 32.5 inches lengthy blade that is made up of 440 polished stainless steel with a factory style edge that is non sharpen and decorative, this sword has a superb firm guard and a molded plastic polymer pommel. This Batman sword of azrael is a complete version of joy for the batman fans that comes along a wall plaque for a charming display.

The Conan Father Sword measuring an overall length of about 38 inches is a popular sword, wielded by a young boy named Conan in Conan The Barbarian movie series that was launched in 1982, Conan’s parents were killed due to which he became a slave and his tribe was destroyed by Thulsa Doom who was a military commander. This amazing product features a 26 inches lengthy blade that is constructed with 440 stainless carbon steel of high quality. The sword incorporates a firm Elk Skull Designed handle that is beautified with runes, along with the highly detailed guard and pommel. The handle yields great metal alloy, metal mix foundry ZMAK and Leather Rope material.This amazing Conan’s Father sword comes along with a plaque for display.

The Boromir Sword was wielded by Boromir, an exceedingly valiant and steadfast warrior who was known in Gondor for his greatness and esteem of fighting men of different nations. It was featured in the great Lord of the Rings movie series. Boromir contemplated the Ring at the Misty Mountains. The popular Boromir’s Sword is a single-handed sword featuring a wide fuller running almost to the tip of the blade, with the elegantly twisted and curved crossguard that ends in beautiful brass-ringed caps, matching wide pommel of the sword. The blade has a length of about 30-3/16" along with 1/4" thickness, weighing 1.74KG. It comes along an attractive wall plaque for display.

The Blade Sword Of The Daywalker along with the scabbard measures an overall length of about 35 inches. The daywalker double-beveled edged blade is a 26 1/8" lengthy blade constructed with 440 stainless steel. This is a popular blade series sword that overcomes the superhuman power in your hand starring Wesley Snipes wielding it, this replica comes along a hidden dagger inside the handle of the Sword. It features a zinc handle with an attractive coating of silver and black making a superb contrast. This Daywalker sword comes along a black enameled wooden Stand including a beautiful logo medallionBlade for a decorative display.