Want to learn how to host a website then you are at the right platform. Below is the beginner’s guide to host a website.

First it is necessary to choose a web hosting provider before starting your website. The web hosting provider provides web space (i.e. special computer called web server) where your website files are stored.

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Any web hosting service offers data backup, firewall security, technical support, email services, domain name registration, website creation tools and applications facility.

Steps To Host a Website

Step 1: Decide What Type of Website You Want

Static or Basic Websites - Static websites means simple websites with one or more web pages (called HTML pages). You can create them on your computer with software such as Dreamweaver and then upload the page to your host's server using any FTP software (such as FileZilla). Learn more about web development.

Websites which cannot be modified dynamically are called static websites. Static websites are cheaper than dynamic websites, but comes with limited functionality.

Dynamic Websites - Creating this type of site requires more complex code. Various tools like PHP, ASP etc. are used to make it. This type of website has more control over the components inside it. You can easily change web page data. In this type of site, data can be stored as a database. Various web languages are required to create it.

Dynamic sites are more useful where data has to be changed at regular intervals. Like a newspaper website, e-commerce site etc.

While making a website go through the list of 5 usability principles that make visitors love the website.

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