Navman Drive Duo:

It is a great device which incorporates the best of both worlds. It is a great GPS device with built-in dash-cam support. It comes with a 5-inch high-resolution screen for seeing the map in detail. The screen also adjusts with the outside-brightness which makes for easy viewing.

The 3D Landmark Guidance feature helps in seeing the map like the real world. The Live-Traffic updates help in always remaining ahead of the traffic. The local speed limit helps in avoiding speed tickets. The spoken- safety alerts help in keeping hands behind the steering wheel.

Other safety features include driver alerts for upcoming traffic changes and hinderances. The rear-camera helps in saving video footage in case of some incidents.

Navman Duo 2.0:

It is a perfect Navman GPS device which comes with a built-in high-resolution Dash Cam. It helps in guiding and capturing video footage at the same time. It comes with free traffic updates which keep you ahead of the traffic.

The monthly navman map updates always let you drive worry-free without having to think about the outdated map. 3D landmark guidance and spoken safety alerts provide intuitive-navigation. You don’t have to look at the GPS device and on the road ahead at the same time.

Navman MiVue Drive:

It is a 5-inch high-definition screen device which comes with a toughened case for added protection. It comes with the navman support for the dash-cam which comes in handy for parking and driving safely. You can also capture video footage in case of some incidence. The support for the external micro SD card also adds to the list of features. Users can record and download updates on it without having to think about space available on the device.

The landmark guidance provides you with real-life guidance. The spoken directions help in driving safely while always keeping your eyes on the road.

Navman MiVue Drive LM:

It is the first GPS device which came with the Digital Drive Recorder built-in. It delivers a solid performance with its safety features. The landmark guidance and spoken navigation help in a more intuitive driving.

The premium driving alerts, help in always remaining a step ahead of the slow traffic and jams. It also provides you with local speed alerts which helps in avoiding the speed tickets which can be quite expensive.

You can capture incidents, road rage and scenic route with the high-definition recorder. It works in tandem, you can switch between different screens according to your needs.

Navman Drive Duo SUV:

Navman GPS device which has a huge 6-inch widescreen for seeing the map in detail. It comes with features which are tailor-made for SUVs and 4WD vehicles. It also supports other large vehicles which are used for towing a boat or caravan.

The built-in routes are suited for weekend adventures or a long-drive to some less travelled routes. It features a 2K Full High-Definition dash camera for high-quality recording. Other awesome features are Live Traffic Updates, restaurant guides, travel guides and Bluetooth handsfree use.

Navman Drive Duo SUV update:

The new updates come with the latest maps and other Navman software updates for more intuitive driving.

The new maps added to the database are useful if you want to go on some trips and don’t want to buy a full-time map.

New rental maps are

  • Western Europe rental map for 30 days
  • North America rental map
  • Full Europe map for 30 days

Navman MiVue drive LM update:

When you buy this device then you’re eligible for 12 updates which are published regularly. The monthly map update is first of its kind feature in the GPS industry.

It not only helps with the map updates but it also gives safety alerts. It makes sure that you always get the latest and the most accurate information. The updates help in keeping the GPS device efficient for a long time.

Navman MiVue drive LM problems:

Although MiVue is an efficient and sophisticated device it can get encounter some problems. Some of the common problems are:

  • Home Menu disappearing:

If this is happening to your device then go to the menu > settings > scroll down > demo > go to the first option > confirm.

  • Card not Formatting properly:

If you are unable to format the external SD card then follow the steps:

  • Go in the Video Recording from the main menu.
  • Tap on the screen (anywhere)
  • Click System > Format > yes

Navman MiVue Drive FHD update:

The MiVue Drive FHD update comes with the latest features for making your driving safe and intuitive.

  • Better data compression for recording videos for a long time. We recommend using an external SD card with high endurance.

  • Green screen on camera: The new updates have taken care of this problem which was occurring on some devices. Do not use other car adapters other than manufactured by the company.

Navman Drive Duo Software Download:

The software updates can be downloaded by following the process mentioned:

  • Insert and install the software disk provided with the box.
  • Connect the GPS device with the USB cable
  • Run the program and install the updates
  • Download the updates
  • Click on “transfer updates” for updating the device