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Welcome to the Smart Hairways Salon JLT, We are the best barber shop in Dubai that provides the short haircuts service for men. Get the best hair stylist service in Dubai from Smart Hairways Salon.

Our Hair Stylists Deliver Exceptional Experience

We are JLT's top Salon for CEOs, Executives, and other Gentlemen

Best hair stylist in dubai very enthusiastic; trained in cutting and processing techniques and specialized in cutting-edge styles, modern and classic hair designs and hair care techniques. Has helped top executives for over 10 years in UAE alone!

Certified and meticulous professional hair stylist with a proven track record of success and costumer satisfaction, expert at performing various high-quality types and styles of cuts and hair treatments. Had clients from Royals to top executives and managers, and others!

Over 10 yrs experience in beauty industry skilled at facial treatments, nail care, and reflexology, providing quality advice on Cosmetic and beauty use, providing clients with unforgettable beauty experience

Over a decade of experience, Mohammad has Excellent knowledge and experience in the industry. He has exceptional hand eye coordination and superior knowledge of pro techniques. Being very friendly, he is a very good listener and communicator, working hard to make each client’s experience a exceptional one.

Relocating to another country is challenging. Aside from the paper works and the costs involved in the process, you need to be ready psychologically because this significant transition can entirely change your life. Despite the excitement you feel about the barber shop dubai opportunities and new experiences waiting in your new environment, loneliness and homesickness can eat you up especially if you are relocating without your family. As such you need all the help you can get so you can adjust and live a normal life in your adopted country.

The Assistance Provided By A Relocation Company

To improve your moving experience, relocation companies provide special assistance as part of their service. Targeting the psychological aspect of relocation, you can check the following services:

Spousal Service - wives and mums benefit from this service. Typically they are left at home as their husbands and children go out. So they won't feel isolated, relocation companies assist them in creating a new matrix of friends, interests and activities. These include:

Where and how to find job resources in the city

Guide to learning opportunities and educational courses

Information on local arts, crafts and hobbies courses

Volunteer opportunities

meet other new expats through coffee mornings

Concierge Assistance - through this service, new folks in town are able to find the services that they need in their new community - a professional service like dentist, doctors, attorneys, etc. or business establishments like groceries, car shops, barber shop, entertainment centres, and more.