Let’s face it, not all women who claim to be Dubai escorts actually mean what they say. We have a lot of shysters in Dubai who pretend to be Dubai escorts yet their intentions are completely nefarious. Unsuspecting guys who hook up with them quickly regret it.

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Other unfortunate men have found themselves getting mugged after hooking up with fake escorts on the fly. A guy who is not willing to pay for a proper Dubai escort service may opt to pick up one of the cheap escorts he’ll come across on the streets. Unbeknown to him, his choice of lady may just be a decoy for thugs or law enforcers.

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Once the pair sets out to enjoy themselves hoodlums can appear out of the blues and attack them; of course it is the poor guy who is robbed and sometimes badly hurt. Moral of the story is that you should be wary about your choice of Dubai escorts.

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