Dealing with bad odors in the house is not easy. So many people gave in because no matter they tried to clean everything, still, the odor is there and it never really goes away. Nobody wants any bad odor in the house especially the strong one. So, how to get rid of the bad odor can be easy actually, and one of the solutions if by using the air purifier. If you never used this kind of device, you should have a look at how it works to keep the rooms in your house smell fresh and no more problems with bad odor lingering in the house.

You may check the Green Air Purifier. This one is pretty popular in its class. There are new advanced technologies that are used in this purifier. It comes with an activated carbon compound filter. How does this work? This is their newest purification technology that has a unique carbon filter and this fits perfectly to remove the bad odor or just basically bad smell that you do not want in the room. This is the primary job of this carbon filter, to eliminate the bad odor. Another technology that makes this purifier that is so good is the prefilter. The prefilter is essential as it can catch bigger particles and it will keep the HEPA filter clean for a longer period. It can catch a particle that is larger than 0.28 mm and this is absolutely useful.

Just like its name Green Air Encore HEPA, it has the IonCluster technology in it. This is an advanced technology that has an ionization generator and this is patented. So the generator will release the ion cluster to effectively attack the airborne particles and then it will return in the form of water to the air. Why is the form of water? It is because of the air purifier will filter it easier once the particle is in a form of water. This technology is brilliant because it is believed that it can kill bacteria, microbes, or viruses. So, this is not only good but also safe to use in your house. The True HEPA filter is common to be used in the purifier. This filter is good to catch particles that work together with the Ioncluster.

This Green Air Encore HEPA also comes with the sensors that help the purifier works effectively and can work on its own once you choose the Auto mode. So, once the sensor detects the air pollution in the room, it will start the purification automatically. This Green Air Fighting Ion Cluster Technology has four operating options. You can choose Auto, Fan, Night and Silent. This is absolutely smart as you can just get the best mode that is suitable for you. Besides all of those features and safety of this product, one more thing that is very nice about this purifier is the silence. We all know that air purifiers can be very loud sometimes and this Green Air Encore HEPA is absolutely nice and quiet to be used in the room.