“Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you have to create raving fans.”–Ken Blanchard

Customers buy based on the experience they have with your brand. In today’s dynamic world of eCommerce, where brands and marketplaces are racing to grab consumer attention, building brand loyalty, and making the brand stand out is a persistent exercise for eCommerce players.

CxOs acknowledge the fact that offering a seamless experience steers customer expectations, builds brand perceptions, and can make or break a business.

89% of customers will switch to a competitor if your brand doesn’t provide the customer experience they expect.

Some brands have cracked the code of converting visitors into customers and keeping them happy with a truly seamless digital experience. Read on to discover 4 brands serving up exceptional eCommerce experiences and what you can learn from them.

1. Puma

  • About the Brand: German multinational athletics brand
  • Customer Experience USP: Mobile-first approach to digital commerce

How Puma Delivers a Seamless eCommerce Experience

According to the Salesforce Shopping Index Report, mobile accounts for 60% of traffic. However, in the case of Puma, mobile accounted for about 70% of traffic in a few demographics. Thus to convert this high mobile traffic, Puma decided to optimize its site so that visitors could easily create accounts and save carts for future eCommerce checkouts on mobile and tablet.

This technological overhaul reduced the friction and improved the speed, agility, and the mobile shopping experience for Puma’s customers, thereby improving the conversion from less than 1% to 1.5%.

Lesson You can Learn from Puma

Puma has put its customers in mind and optimized the channel they prefer to use with its multi-touchpoint strategy and the mobile-first approach.

Moreover, Puma has also realized the fact that mobile is no longer the future, if you want to survive in this competitive environment, you have to serve an excellent experience to your customers on mobile now60% of traffic and 41% of online orders come from mobile.

How Puma delivers good ecommerce experience

2. Steve Madden

  • About the Brand: America’s hottest footwear brand for Men and Women
  • Customer Experience USP: Cross-channel Data Analytics

How Steve Madden Delivers a Seamless eCommerce Experience

Although 80% of Steve Madden’s revenue comes from wholesale, they still find it vital to invest their time and budget on its eCommerce business.

Steve Madden relies heavily on ‘data’ to deliver a frictionless eCommerce experience to their potential customers. Their main aim is not just to collect data, but also act upon that data and communicate with their customers in meaningful ways.

Steve Madden has incorporated CRM in its eCommerce strategy to combine its cross-channel data and cover it with the layers of business intelligence. This enables them to segment customers and builds more meaningful, targeted communications.

Lesson You can Learn from Steve Madden

No matter where your brand stands in the race of eCommerce, in today’s phygital world, it is essential for retailers to capture information of customers and use it effectively to match up to their activity whenever they shop.

Forrester survey reveals that 72% of brands believe they can use analytics reports to improve the customer experience.

How Steve Madden delivers a good customer experience in eCommerce

3. Timberland

  • About the Brand: American manufacturer and retailer of footwear
  • Customer Experience USP: Merging the physical and digital worlds of eCommerce

How Timberland Delivers a Seamless eCommerce Experience

Timberland builds a connective customer experience by effectively making use of Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology to amalgamate the two worlds of eCommerce: physical and digital. NFC allows secured information to be instantly transferred between mobile devices without interference, thereby resulting in solving two of the biggest issues in retail: time and convenience.

With “Touch Walls” implemented, along with tablets, customers do not have to seek help from a store manager to find more information about the desired product. As customers continue to look up different products, the tablets’ personalization software starts to make similar product suggestions to the customer based on their purchasing history.

Lesson You can Learn from Timberland

Bringing the physical and digital worlds of eCommerce close to each other is a unique way to store customers’ profiles and use it to hone your retail and remarketing digital commerce strategy continually.

How Timberland delivers a good eCommerce experience

4. L’Oreal

  • About the Brand: French personal care company headquartered in Clichy
  • Customer Experience USP: Personalized, uninterrupted journeys.

How L’Oreal Delivers a Seamless eCommerce Experience

The customer is the top priority for this global beauty leader and sits on the top position of their digital strategy. L’Oreal makes use of rich data of their customers and combines it with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to engage their customers across their buying journeys, across social media and its eCommerce sites, delivering a personalized beauty experience at scale.

By engaging customers into a unique, integrated, end-to-end shopping journey, L’Oreal has managed to increase its revenue by 48.5%.

Lesson You can Learn from L’Oreal

A personalized, uninterrupted journey, irrespective of the industry, is vital to convert visitors into customers and customers into loyal customers. In the end, 84% of customers believe that being treated like a person, not a number, is very important to winning their trust.


In an experience-driven industry, brands can no longer afford to displease their potential customers. Feedback and reviews that were once shared with just a couple of people over a cup of coffee are now uploaded across the world in the click of a button.

Thus customer — today — is far more empowered than ever and hence demands a streamlined and personalized customer journey from eCommerce marketers. Brands that can deliver this kind of omnichannel experience to their customers survive; others die.

Source: https://www.netsolutions.com/insights/brands-delivering-good-ecommerce-experience/