People of diverse age group love to play video games while enjoying their leisure. The video games are played with different accessories. These video game accessories are usually designed to enhance and improve the gaming experience while you enjoy playing video games. One of the favorite gaming accessories includes the one called Joysticks. In fact, anything, which is except the game is considered to be accessories. These can range from the power adapter and audio or visual wire to name a few. Do you know some of the accessories are so expensive that the games remain behind? Let’s check some of the Most Expensive Video Game Accessories as under:

Nintendo Wii Supreme – $481,250

One of the Most Expensive Video Game Accessories includes Nintendo Wii Supreme, which cost around a whopping amount of 481,250 USD. This video game accessory is designed by the man called Stuart Hughes who happens to be an eminent man dealing with gold having his company – Gold striker International. He has infused 19.5 karat diamond encrusting over the front button that adds value to the limited edition system.