When people view your video will they remember what it was for? Will they buy what you are selling? Will they take in what you’re teaching and use it in their lives? Will they understand how to do the task you are describing without the video playing in front of them? Would you be willing to pay for a production, if it did nothing more than entertain your viewer?

1. The JIgsaw attempts to do video production, which reaches beyond thoughts and feelings into the very core of the viewer, his or her beliefs. Only there can video create, maintain, or change a belief and thus emerge into lifetime memorable video.

2. To create lifetime memorable video, we need to ensure that you communicate your message with clarity and focus. We do not want to create confusion. Much of communication dips into the abyss of chaos as clutter attacks your message in unseen and clandestine ways. How many messages do we hear each day, both externally and internally?. Your message has to fight it’s way to the mind of the viewer and move past competing message. This will only occur with a clear message strikes its target.

If you drove from Mumbai to Delhi, would you just get into your car and start driving east? Where would you stop along the way? What route would you drive? Would you spend the night in Ahmedabad or maybe Jaipur? Your message will travel like the dots on a map. After we plot all of your dots, we take a step back and find the best route for your destination. It removes all the unnecessary side trips and stops. Not that we don’t want to stop and spend the night with Amruta Chachi in Indore. Its just that traveling to Amruta Chachi's place sidetracks our journey to New York.

We have reached your destination. We have your message. What next?

3. It’s time to stage your message. Have you ever attended a play where from beginning to end 10 actors stood on the stage and spoke all the same lines, not in unison, but just read the entire script at their own pace? That sounds like an enjoyable evening! Of course you have not suffered through that play, because plays do not work that way. Various actors take the stage at different times throughout the play. They speak or sing their lines, sometimes by themselves, at other times with interaction from other characters, or even all together in a chorus.

When we finish sharpening your message, we begin to assemble the elements of that message much like the actors in a play. We begin by asking question. Who will speak this part of your message? Who will act that part? You have to view each element, whether a spokesperson, a graphic, or a customer comment as an actor in your play. Why would you want two actors sharing the stage at the same time saying the same thing? A spokesperson and a graphic do not need to repeat the same thing, but enhance what they say. We call this process Staging Your Message. Do we need to interview one of your employees to deliver this part of the message? Do we need to create an animation that will communicate that aspect of what we are attempting to communicate? We brainstorm and create the elements needed to communicate your message. If we take your lifetime memorable message and do not stage it effectively or produce it poorly, your lifetime memorable message will not make it to the viewers ears, much less their core.

4. After all the pre-production work, we begin the production phase. Creating all the elements that we have decided best tell your message. We assemble the parts, edit, and work the message. In the end, you receive a video which does not just communicates, but a video which reaches into the core of the viewer and creates, maintains, or changes beliefs.

The Jigsaw, at its core focuses on communication. Any one can shoot video, but communicating the message using this process creates impact.

Where to begin? Where will the time come from for you to work on your message? Sometimes there are just not enough days in the week. What if I told you The Jigsaw exists? You keep doing what you excel in, and we will come along side you and do what we do best. Communicate, with video, of course.

About the Author

With over 20 years of experience in effective communication and video production, Shashank heads The Jigsaw, a corporate and ad film making company based in Mumbai. His desire is to help business and clients to communicate more effectively.