Original source: https://bikekeepersbike.blogspot.com/2020/03/protect-your-bike-from-parking-hassles.html

For every person, their bike is their most important thing. And no one likes it if their bike is stolen or if somebody manhandles their bike. These days to excess pollution and other environmental reasons people are choosing to use bicycles more than mopeds and cars. It’s good that people have switched to these options. It is also helping in keeping a good environment. But what about the bike parking shelter and safety there are many shopping malls and public places where there is no proper shelter for these bikes. People do haywire parking of their bikes, like whichever place suits them, they will keep it there.

But, now all their problems of keeping their beloved bike have come to end with the help of the bike racks. These are not some plain kind of bike racks; rather these are such unique shelter which can be placed anywhere. From large office buildings to condos, parks, recreational areas, clubhouses, gated communities, urban shopping centers, and any house or place you can easily place this bike parking shelter anywhere. And one of the pivotal reasons is that these shelters are movable. And it can be easily relocated from one location to another location.

Besides, this; the bike parking shelter is made of superb quality stainless steel. So, this bike shelter is longer lasting and can survive up to 10 years. It has a triple-level of protection- one is that it keeps your bike safe, second, you can lock your bike, third is that due to its shelter it can survive any form of harsh weather condition, be it snow, rain, hailstorm, extreme heat, cold, etc. So, now with the help of the bike parking shelter i.e. the bike racks you can worry less about your parking when you go especially to any public place or community, malls, etc.

Also, there is no need for you to park your bike anywhere and everywhere. You will see these bike racks placed in your community or public and you can easily tuck your bike safely with it. Plus, there will be fewer chances of people messing with your bike for inappropriate parking. Now, these shelters are not only made for bicycles, there are also available larger shelters where you can also park your moped. There is one side shelter which comprises of the four rails, where you can park 8 bicycles. Then come’s the larger shelter with 5 rails where you can easily park 4 mopeds.

Ideal municipalities and shuttle bus operators most of the time asks for a new triangle shelter and service points for bike parking shelter. Even that is available now. In a new style and form, it can also be easily removed and relocated as per the needs of the situations. Plus, the

maintenance of these shelters is also very easy. So, now you can easily bring an end to all your worries whenever you are going out, about where to park your bike. As this is the only right solution for you.