Physical activity has a positive effect on overall fitness and wellbeing and prevents numerous diseases and illnesses. Does the same apply to cycling?

There are many forms of activity. It can be pure recreation, but at the same time it can bring many developmental and health benefits. Cycling seems to be a good solution for people of all ages, regardless of gender. This form of activity brings many benefits. These include improving the flexibility of the body, influencing the correct figure and weight, reducing the risk of vascular diseases. In addition, it has a positive effect on endurance and muscle strength, improves sleep quality and prevents depressive states.

The list of advantages of cycling is long. However, when choosing the right activity for you, it is worth taking into account some important elements and answering the question: Can cycling influence your masculinity? It turns out that practicing this discipline in some cases can adversely affect sexual performance among men and promote erectile dysfunction.

Recent clinical studies confirm the relationship between cycling and sexual disorders. However, this does not mean that practising this sport leads to the problems mentioned above. Certainly several aspects need to be looked at carefully.

The first is undoubtedly the time spent on a bicycle and the number of kilometres covered. Secondly, the cyclist's weight and riding skills can play a major role.

Another thing worth focusing on is the skillful fit of the bike and especially the type of saddle. High pressure on the perineum may cause narrowing of the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis, and consequently lead to damage to the nerves in the penis. To a large extent the problem disappears when a properly profiled saddle is used, so called "noseless".

It should be wide and soft, with or without the tip pointing downwards. Studies have shown that wide saddles provide better weight distribution on the pelvis bones. In order to relieve pressure on the perineum and soft tissues, it is worth using saddles with a notch in the middle. In the opinion of the cyclists surveyed, they are much more comfortable than ordinary saddles.

Thanks to the change of the saddle type, the problem of numbness in the genitals was eliminated in 82% of the examined men. Cyclists also noted a general improvement in sexual performance.

Men who experienced tingling or numbness in their genitals and those with a sexual performance problem should consider avoiding this type of sport or taking a break for at least a few weeks.

Remember that the solution to the problem does not have to be to give up cycling altogether, but to take appropriate precautions or visit a specialist.