On-demand taxi apps are trending nowadays as people are highly dependent on these online apps for their transportation needs. So, if you are an entrepreneur who wants to launch an online taxi service, then you can go with the Careem clone script. It is an optimized and white-labeled solution that will help you run a profitable business in the market.

Crucial features of a taxi clone app:

At Uber Like App, we provide the best in class taxi apps. The list of essential attributes to be included in the app are listed here.

User app:


Customers can register with the app using their phone numbers or email IDs. Social media account login is also available.

Ride scheduling:

They can also schedule their rides in advance by specifying the date and time correctly.

Live location tracking:

Users can track the live location of drivers after they have accepted the ride.

Detailed receipt:

A bill consisting of the total fare, distance covered, operational costs, and more will be displayed on the app.

Preferred payment modes:

Users can choose any one of the preferred payment modes to pay drivers after taking the ride.

Ride history:

They can view their past rides and ongoing rides by navigating to the ride history section.

Ratings and reviews:

Users can rate drivers and review their travel experience in the respective section.

Driver app:

Driver verification:

Drivers can register with the app and upload the necessary documents for verification purposes.

Incoming requests:

They can accept or reject user requests based on fixed parameters.


Drivers can refer to other drivers, and for each successful referral, they will be provided with a reward.

Ride updates:

Ride status such as ride acceptance, estimated arrival time, and more can be updated.

Upload bank details:

They can update their bank account details to the app in order to receive payments.

Earnings report:

They can analyze and view their daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly earnings in the app.

Admin panel:

God’s eye view:

The admin will have access to user and driver data and monitor the entire process efficiently.

Approve drivers:

He/she can verify the documents uploaded and approve drivers after a careful screening process.

Fare management:

The admin can also set up the basic fare, surge fee, and more with the help of the powerful admin dashboard.

Add bank accounts:

Bank accounts of drivers can be added to the panel, and he/she can transfer the driver’s earnings securely to their bank accounts.

Resolve disputes:

The admin can resolve any conflicts that arise between users and drivers after analyzing the situation carefully.

Managing zones:

Based on the region, the admin can change settings such as language, fares, and more.


Being a taxi owner, you have to launch an optimized app with all the features mentioned above. You can discuss your business idea with our experts, and they will take care of the Careem clone app development. Call us today to launch an app!