The real estate market is continuously developing and investing in software tools to increase efficiency and team’s productivity is highly recommended. There are many reasons to explain the investment in real estate CRM and in a CRM dialer. The relationship between customers and real estate agents is crucial, considering the value of investment people make to buy properties. Building a competitive advantage and increasing sales is possible through the use of various tools.

Why Use Real Estate CRM?

Investing in real estate CRM makes a lot of sense, especially for business developers that want to build a reputation in the industry and manage relationships better. It will be easier to understand people’s needs, the changing trends and manage pipeline. Also, it is a lot easier to improve communication within the company. Real estate developers need to invest money in order to earn more and increase sales. Reaching potential buyers, establishing meetings, handling reports, every task is easier through the use of advanced software.

Real estate agents and developers will be able to manage leads effectively. Customers nowadays have many demands and they want quick responses, but achieving this goal is not easy when realtors are always on the road and when people use different platforms, such as email, social media, websites, fairs and exhibitions, and more. The software tool stores all information in one place and agents can respond to potential buyers in a faster manner, through a secure portal.

What Is a CRM Dialer?

The CRM dialer has completely transformed the way call centers manage daily operations and tasks. Back in the days, an auto dialer simply dialed from a list of phone numbers, but things have evolved greatly nowadays. The software can be integrated into any CRM and it has multiple advantages. For example, it has the ability to detect disconnected calls, answering machines, invalid numbers, and more. Many industries can take advantage of this tool, especially call centers and businesses that use databases and need to get in touch with as many prospects as possible.

An auto dialer improves call centers considerably, especially by generating more leads. It is one of the most effective ways of boosting sales leads. Agents can gather information about a person ahead of time and have more data to personalize the conversation, increasing the conversion rate. More to it, the number of calls is maximized, as agents are able to take in more calls and reach potential customers. Among all of them, certainly some will be converted into actual clients.

Implementing real estate CRM allows personalizing customer service and gain a better understanding of what potential clients want, what demands they have and how to fulfil them. Considering there are several software solutions on the market, it is worth looking into a worthy one that responds to your needs. For instance, some of them offer customer segmentation possibilities, to segment prospects by their income, demographic and their requirements.

Real estate agents spend a lot of time on the phone, responding to emails and they can miss out on actual opportunities. The real estate CRM allows businesses to interact with leads using periodic emails and in a personalized manner. It is easier to send messages when you already have a database and when emails can be customized in an attractive manner, to appeal to the public. Data can be entered in CRM, to have information at hand, at any time and from any mobile device. This brings a strategic advantage in discussion, as no time is wasted.

Real estate CRM offers the possibility to obtain reports on sales, customers and have a realistic view on how the business runs. When real estate agents enter all information in the system, they are able to obtain statistics and see which properties have the best ROI. They can let investors know and close deals. At a certain point, prospects will become clients, because they see how prepared agents are and how willing they are to go the extra mile and offer excellent service.

A CRM dialer helps salesforce and call center agents manage their tasks easier and more effectively. There are many benefits to think about and it all depends on the tool’s features and how much they stand out and assist those in need. Just to name a few of the advantages, here is how a dialer helps a company:
• Improved database management
• More sales generated and in a faster manner
• Fewer resources required for data entry
• Saved time for agents handling calls
• Reduced team effort
• Unified conversations among inside sales and outsourced professionals

When the CRM dialer is connected to other software tools within the company, it is easier to match the inbound caller with the CRM contact. If a person in the database calls the company, the agents will see their activity, their orders, payment history and other important information. Handling calls is easier in this manner and data entry efforts are minimized. Agents have many other opportunities at their disposal, such as advanced dialer functions, predictive dialing and increased hit rates. This means full transparency and the ability to reach more clients, in a more effective manner. In this field, staying in touch with potential buyers is essential, as they determine if you close a deal or not.

A CRM dialer offers customizing messaging possibilities and many other features worth knowing. The key is evaluating your needs and making a list with what you find most useful and your necessities. Afterwards, getting in touch with providers working in the field is encouraged. They will present their solutions, characteristics and point out in what manner they will ease everyday tasks. Of course, one can take advantage of free trials and try out the tool for a short period to see how easy it is to integrate it, how user friendly it is and if the investment is worth it. Throughout the installation and afterwards, the provider will offer support, in case you encounter any difficulties or want to train your employees and help them discover all features.