Many people are looking into auto dialer software, because they want to simplify and automate tasks, record calls, store and filter data. What is most challenging is figuring out which software solution is more suitable for your needs and what provider to trust at the end of the day. There are several Phoneburner competitors, promising great features, but the key aspect is analyzing each and read reviews to get a better idea of what to expect. Hubspot auto dialer offers a calling and call tracking solution.

Who are Phoneburner Competitors?

Selecting the suitable power dialer is not always an easy task. It is important to assess the company’s needs and requirements and afterwards compare offers and providers, prices and features, to find out which one ticks all boxes. Phoneburner competitors exist and knowing as much as possible about them is highly recommended. Of course, only after trying both solutions one can really figure out if features are worthy and if the tool is worth the investment. The good news is that nowadays it is quite easy to compare software applications, because information exists online.

Tools need to provide businesses with complete solutions have user-friendly interface and be easy to use. Each of them has to offer great value for money, especially since the investment is worthwhile and the company wants to redirect agents’ tasks in a single direction. Many companies are using CRM or plan to implement such a solution. It is good to know that there is an especially designed package for every business industry. However, businesses that need to manage calls on a daily basis to drive sales should look into auto dialers that integrate within the CRM.

What is the Hubspot Auto Dialer?

The Hubspot auto dialer is a great tool to prioritize daily sales calls and on top of that, it has many other features worth knowing. Calls can be made directly from the browser and afterwards, log them into the existing CRM. The great advantage is that agents will spend less time dialing and more time selling, focusing on calls and making sure they treat leads in the best manner possible. All companies have contact lists with the best calls and contacts that should be called every day.

Hubspot provides this possibility, to set up a daily queue and work through it efficiently and easily.

Staying over the phone with leads is not always comfortable and efficient, because agents will be distracted and not able to manage other tasks or record calls, make notes, and such. With Hubspot, calls are made directly from the browser and there is no need to pick up the phone. With a single click, they are connected with prospects using the desk phone or Voice Over IP. Recording calls is possible and the number will always be the same.

Providers these days strive to offer great solutions to customers, offering great features, even free trials to allow them to test applications. Power dialers come in many forms and designed especially for certain industries, to support the niche and make everything easier for each. Some phoneburner competitors are better than others and all that matters is the company’s requirements and how they manage to stand up to challenges. A good example is CRM dialer, which includes a phone system that offers advanced capabilities. Sales teams take actions during the call and they do not have to remember the conversation to take notes only afterwards. Automatically, the follow-up is scheduled and the system has been updated with entered data.

Phoneburner competitors are similar in their purpose, but it is worth analyzing all features to actually tell how effective they are and how they compare one with another. CRM dialer is a strong competitor and many already implemented it to enjoy all features. A fully featured solution allows sales teams to make phone calls quickly and easily. Since everything is connected to the CRM, agents will make outbound and inbound calls and tie them automatically to the system. Agents will be able to make more phone calls and eventually increase revenue and capture more leads. The business can import lead lists and the power dialer calls each contact.

Once in calls, Phoneburner competitors offer a range of actions, such as taking notes about leads, view the ones already entered and you can make appointments in the calendar, such as meetings, memos, and any other event for that matter. Leads have different status based on their position and how close they are from closing the deal. Sales teams can update their status after each conversation, for a better update and seeing the status next time they make a phone call. CRM administrators have certain possibilities as well, such as listening to calls and even take over the call, if necessary.

The Hubspot auto dialer is an all-in-one solution for sales teams and call center agents and they can easily integrate it within daily tasks. To name a few of the characteristics, there are email templates and sequences. In case the database is rich and there are many contacts, prospects can be put on autopilot, to focus on those contacts that actually turn into leads. Sales emails are mostly repetitive and it is rather hard to send the same ones over and over again, not to mention that prospects get used to them too much and they don’t feel unique.

Templates are available in Hubspot auto dialer within inbox, so that the entire team has access to them. On the same note, email tracking makes the situation even better, because you will know when someone opens the email, clicks on the given link or downloads data. This is the best follow-up, especially because you will have a better understanding of your contacts and know their actions, what emails are most effective and engaging.

Many workflows are automated thanks to Hubspot auto dialer, saving valuable time and effort. Some of them include creating tasks and deals, rotating leads, and more. They are all worth considering and applied for your business and needs.