In today’s digital era, it is essential to make use of the available software tools to benefit from increased efficiency, productivity, to generate more sales and improve customer satisfaction. Each solution has its set of advantages and reasons why it is worth considering from the beginning. This is the case of sales CRM and sales dialer. Such systems provide many advantages to clients that need them the most or those who are yet familiar with the possibilities.

What Is Sales CRM?

Sales CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and it offers the possibility to manage business interactions with clients in a more efficient manner. Solutions focus mostly on growing sales and customer retention and this is done by offering valid data analysis. At first, people might be reticent to using such a tool, thinking it will not work or it does not help them in any way. This is the case of sales representatives, especially since they need some time to enter data in the system. However, knowing the reasons why the effort is worth it will change their perspectives.

CRM helps boost sales and there are many researches that show this is possible and results exist. The biggest challenges that sales people have is following up on leads and prioritizing sales activity. The system does not only offer a great solution for these concerns, but to other issues as well. Instead of having an agenda and write down phone numbers, names, email addresses and such, it is easier to store them electronically in one place, on the mobile device. This way, sales have unlimited access to the database regardless of their location.

Why Use a Sales Dialer?

Calling prospective clients manually takes a lot of time and errors occur, especially if agents have many calls to make and they need to focus on the actual call and retaining the person over the phone. Here is where the sales dialer comes into discussion. The electronic device simplifies the dialing operation and calls prospects automatically. Tools are not new on the market, but they have been revolutionized and offer more features and more benefits in the same time.

Dialers have been improved over the course of time and became smarter. To add more, their cost decreased, making them more affordable to businesses of all sizes. There are many possibilities and options out there, each packing a set of characteristics. Providers enhance the experience and convince clients to buy them by offering free trials or a guide on how they will increase productivity and efficiency. Any digital solution that doesn’t require a substantial investment is welcomed for businesses that want to make a difference and evolve.

Such advanced tools have the purpose of simplifying daily tasks and manage them in a more effective manner. One good example is sales CRM, optimizing people’s daily schedules and tasks and helping prioritize them. All key contacts have to be contacted in time and sometimes it is hard to remember appointments, phone calls, or other objectives come in discussion. However, CRM provides sales people the possibility to spend more time with clients and create a stronger relationship. In many situations, what matters the most is to value the client and make sure he/she feels important and appreciated. A simple phone call, a reminder, makes all the difference.

Besides meetings and customer visits, sales representatives have to fill up activity reports for management. These are daily, weekly or monthly, based on existing requirements. Writing everything down and pulling out the agenda to browse through pages takes a lot of time and it is not very practical. With sales CRM, the process is transparent and automated, helping save valuable time and making sure the management knows what happens with clients, what sales are in progress, how the business is going overall.

Depending on the chosen sales CRM solution, it is very easy to stay updated with everything that happens at work. The tools have integrated calendars, e-mail integration and various document templates. Sales members will stay updated regarding objectives’ progress and will be able to share selling experience and skills, working together to grow the business. Through the tool, everyone will communicate better and more effectively, unifying the team, regardless of their location. It is important to take into account that sales spend a lot of time on the roads and they are not able to stay at the office for reports, meetings, and more.

Providers offering a sales dialer usually have different options available, because there are some main types, such as preview dialers, power dialers and automated dialers. Sales representatives that want to see a lead before calling will make use of preview dialers. These make calls one at a time. The power dialer is different in terms that the person cannot see the lead they dial. The call is made automatically based on the given database. This type is best suited for businesses that have a fixed script and need to reach leads.

The automated sales dialer is highly efficient and is used in larger companies, enterprises and call centers. Sales and agents are able to call several numbers and do not have to wait for connections with prospects. They make life easier, because there is less manual work required and the extra time can be spent with people over the phone, converting prospective into actual customers. Dialing numbers manually often end up with errors and not reaching the desired person. On the other hand, this automated process eliminates this common issue and increases productivity.

A modern and updated sales dialer can be integrated with the desired CRM and in some cases it is available within the package. Busy call center agents and sale reps save a lot of valuable time and don’t have to worry about making calls, dealing with wrong numbers, rejected calls, and such. Invalid contacts are identified and eliminated from the database, so that agents will not have to deal with them again. Features depend on the chosen solution and provider.