We are in a time unprecedented in the history of this country, if not the world. Daily life almost to a standstill and entertainment that we use to break - be it sports, casino games, or poker - has been taken also. With the runaway COVID-19 all over the world, it seems the poker world has almost stopped.

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Two tour main Tour, World Poker and European Poker Tour, both have been close the tournament schedule they are in America and Europe. In Las Vegas, the main casino is FULLY COVER UNDER their operation, which had never happened in the history of the city. It makes poker players (and gamblers sports as well) with a sense confused of what to do when the world poker shut down.

Here are three things You can do if You are facing the prospect of which has absolutely nothing to do because the closing of the coronavirus:

Play Online Poker ... Or How about Home Games?

With the casino closed for at least two weeks in all over the world, You have to jump into the online arena if You want to take care of Jones poker. If You're lucky enough to live in a state (or country) that offers online poker, this is the right time to take Your finger into the water. The World Poker Tour and partypoker work together to schedule online 18 tournament called the WPT Online Series. This will take place from 10-26 May and featuring the Main Event of $ 3.200 with a guarantee of $ 5 million. Not bad if You're in an area where You can take part of the products of partypoker.

Now let's say You are not in one of the states that are regulated or foreign country that does not look good in gambling. This will be a bit more difficult for You, but there are sites that are not governed which has several actions. I personally would not advocate them or recommend any because they are not regulated - it's actually a warning when it comes to this arena, but this is an available option for some.

Now there are some areas that do NOT have the freedom to play online (** COUGH ** Australia, I feel for You ** COUGH **). It's time to go back to the roots of the game with the game ancient enclosure which is nice. Collect as many as possible friends that You can insert into Your workspace (or, if You're lucky enough, "poker room" specially that You made in the Cave of Your Man or She Shed!) And start doing something with the tournament for $ 10. Once that's done, then You can switch to cash games. This is a meeting that is small enough so that You will not go unnoticed and You can scratch the itch of poker that.

Time to Hit the Books or Videos

For some people, coronavirus "time out" may not come at a better time. Maybe the player was experiencing a little defeat in the game and could use a break. This is that opportunity! It's time to read books, or video, and see if You can cure what bothers You.

D&B Publishing is the only outlet anymore that sell the books poker in a wide scale and they certainly have some gems on their list. They can include everything from poker theory modern to the strategy of the game mixed up the effects of popular culture on game (or game effects on popular culture - YMMV). If You need to see some of their work, You can head to Amazon.com or You can go directly to the page D&B Poker on their website.

Some people are just visual learners, so there is something to it. Series Master Class, featuring lessons from author James Patterson, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, have a few poker players in their list to help You learn the game. Poker Hall of Famers Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey both have poker strategy and theory classes on the site. Then there are a large number of training sites poker online that You can check out… find the right for You!

it May Turn off briefly

Even with these two options, there is a third option that may be the best of everything. Maybe You should use the leave a few weeks to clear your mind? Get out and shoot, read a book, enjoy television series that You want to eat. Maybe You could start writing or painting, if You are looking for artistic expression or creative, or maybe it's time to catch up with Your children - they also go, in most of the region! Maybe by not thinking about the game of poker, You can come back with a new appreciation for that game.

whatever the approach You will take, You have a few weeks to pick it up. The world of poker will return - in the end - and the players will return also. But try to impose this issue or be annoyed because of the lack of game in Your life will only make the time run more slow. Try to accept the disorder and utilize the best - because not many other things that You can do!