Having an e-store comes with a lot of responsibilities. You will have to look after the needs of your customers, check inventory, keep data of your customers, check upon hassle-free delivery, cancellation and refund policy, etc.

With the help of correct software, you can handle all these things easily. This software helps you serve your customers better. But, there is one vertical in which most of the customers are annoyed by e-store owners.


Yes! Many customers are dissatisfied with the delivery service of estores. They don't like it when the delivery person comes anytime and rings a bell or if the delivery cannot happen when they are not available to receive it.

In short, customers now want to have freedom in selecting their parcel delivery dates as well. And as a business owner, it is your responsibility to provide your customers with the best possible service and solve their problems.

This is where you can use Magento 2 delivery date extension.

Let's look at the various features of Magento 2 delivery date in brief:

  • Call before delivery:

Having this feature will work as a boon for you and your customers. You need to enable this feature from the backend in your store for your customers to use it.

They can select this option while placing an order from your website. Enabling this feature will help your delivery person a lot. They can easily call the customers and notify them about their delivery.

Call before delivery is extremely helpful when you have a grocery or dairy product e-store. This avoids issues such as untimely delivery of vegetables or milk in case a customer is not available.

  • Custom delivery options:

As a business owner everyone desires to have loyal customers, and to get them, it is important to serve them best.

As we know customers can get angry when the delivery causes incovinience. This is when you need a magento 2 delivery scheduler. This will help you to deliver things on time to your customers which will make for a smoother experience.

Process of delivering them becomes easier when you group your customer from the backend and try to provide them with the best possible delivery service.

This service helps you to make sure that your customers prefer working with you instead of your competitors as your service will be speaking.

  • Provide in-depth knowledge of your products and services:

It is important to provide your customers with detailed information about your products. It helps in decreasing any kind of confusion and instead helps them make informed decisions.

You can provide details like size, shape, weight, cost, etc. of your products. You can even mention details like if the product is in stock or not. All these things will improve the shopping experience of your customers.

  • Display dates:

You can easily display available delivery dates of your products. You can even display days when your delivery service is not available or you can use this feature for public holidays. Additionally, you can display multiple days off if you plan to take it.

This helps you as well as your customers as you can keep the days available as per your convenience and your customers can choose according to their preferences.

It's a win-win situation for both of you.

  • Ease the delivery process:

There are many advantages of having a Magento 2 delivery date extension. Here are the two features which are the best:

1. Define quota:

You can set a limit on same day deliveries. Once your customer exhausts that limit, they will not be able to place the order. It will help you streamline the service while also offering it as an advantage.

2. Manage cut off timing:

To avoid overlapping or late deliveries you can easily define the cut off time for your deliveries. Once the cut off time reaches, your customers can still place an order but the system will move it to the next day for delivery.

Final words:

Having a Magento 2 delivery date scheduler for your business is perfect. It brings ease to your customers and also to your staff. You can efficiently provide your customers with better services. This in turn will help you to have a strong customer base and help you grow your business.