The spread of the coronavirus that new records regularly and according to reports, it has crossed the 500,000 points with mortality increasing steadily. Having no vaccine to cure another, more fearful fact is that it is very difficult to identify who is to have an infection. No deposit is a person with a Corona infection until at least 10 to 15 days. And this time, the infected person spread to hundreds of other people, and the chain continues. The government tries awareness dissemination regarding precautionary measures such as social distancing, avoiding public places and good hygiene through advertisements. However, the alternative is the use of technology as AI, Machine Learning, and IoT. Mobile App Development Company is working to create applications that identify infected people to break the chain.

The only method of solution is to break the chain. In this blog, we'll find out how technology can track the infected and how to stay away from them to fight this pandemic. But before we check to discuss the technical aspects of monitoring mobile application development and the means to build an application.

What coronavirus Tracking Apps?

Simply put, the tracking app communicates with users who have installed the application and stores their data locally on a cloud. When a person is positive for COVID-19, he/she is marked in the system; the government has access to identify those users. Their geographical movements are recorded and shared with health officials. Also, other users of uninfected applications are notified to maintain social distancing.

Seeing this concept to break the chain, people hire mobile app developers to build such applications for expansion in several other pandemics. The benefit and intent of all these applications are the same, which is to inform people regarding the areas and people infected with the virus. This is one of the main reasons why organizations worldwide are looking for these applications slow coronavirus.

What are the characteristics of the COVID-19 effective monitoring of mobile applications?

The features are built from a different point of view and they are mentioned below:

Users Perspective

  1. Profile

Users must enter their information in the profile section.

  1. Vehicle Management

Users must enter their vehicle information such as make, model, registration number, and the year of purchase.

  1. Self-evaluation

Under this section, users answer a few questions to recognize the risk score. These are related to body temperature, and other symptoms.

  1. Trip Journal

The application creates a travel journal regarding users highlight areas they visited.

  1. Route Planner

Users can create their route by specifying the starting location, stops, and the final location.

From the City Admin Perspective

  1. User Management

All information concerning the risk score users, trip details, route planner and other details will help you search for a user.

  1. Transportation Management Option

This will allow the city administration to check all the transportation options available to avoid COVID-19 recumbent roads.

  1. Managing geo-fencing

The administrator can monitor and create a zone of free Covid 19 with the help of geo-fences. Notifications Alerts on new areas that require immediate attention are also shared.

How does technology help in the fight against the epidemic Covid-19?

When it is about addressing the point of the coronavirus, one clear advantage we have is the presence of innovative technologies. Technologies that rapid mobile application Development Company uses to provide a real-time, scalable solution. Recently, the main technologies with the most advantage of the fight against coronaviruses are mentioned below.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

After the epidemic, there has been a large volume of data gathered from all over the world. There are many ways that data can be used that focus on important information and points of action to curb the spread of the virus. Means AI can help health to fight against the epidemic.

  • Identify the next epidemic
  • Accelerate the development of vaccines
  • Drones and robots help medical staff
  • Chatbots sharing important information about the symptoms.

  1. Blockchain

It is quite difficult for a country to be fully prepared to address coronavirus as a pandemic. But with Blockchain solutions, companies are different ways to control the pandemic. Here is how Blockchain may be the answer to stop this pandemic.

  • Monitoring the true gift
  • Make the process transparent insurance
  • Monitoring of medical equipment supply chain
  • Low transaction and secure payment

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to build an application to track patients Covid-19?

The development process requires a thorough understanding of the intent and operation of the monitoring mobile application. Then would know the important features that the application comes along with. Share your needs with us to execute the development process.

  1. Why is mobile application development is important in the fight against Covid-19?

There are many reasons why people use the mobile application to fight against the spread of Covid-19. The mobile application is not only designed to give users an overview of the appropriate risk score based on bird flu but also how to notify the vulnerable area or safety they visit is. With the support of this, the chain breaking chances are very high.


Coronavirus is spreading at a very fast pace and healing is one general awareness in terms of social distancing, use of disinfectants and hygiene. However, technology also helps to break the chain of this epidemic and mobile application design services help people by integrating the latest technologies. It's time to stay alert and be safe with proper precautions. It's time to show unity and fight against Covid-19.

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