With technology quickly progressing, it becomes more and more integrated into our everyday lives. The healthcare industry is no stranger to this; many companies in this industry are utilizing technology in a big way. The availability of healthcare IT solutions, apps, digital health records, and more has led the healthcare industry into a new age of patient care. Read on to find out how.

Digital Health Records

Files that were once kept in the form of bulky papers are now giving way to a far more streamlined approach; records are now being securely transferred to the cloud and made accessible to both patients and healthcare professionals. Doing this makes storing and managing patient information significantly easier than keeping up with paper files. The digitization of health records is not just better for the management of records – it also helps nurses, doctors, or other healthcare professionals to make better, more informed decisions regarding the care of their patients.

Medical-Related Mobile App Technology

The widespread use of handheld devices has encouraged a push towards making mobile-friendly ways to track health. This includes apps that allow you to keep track of your doctor appointments and that remind you to take your medications. Some health apps aim to improve patients’ fitness by tracking food intake and activity levels. Additionally, there are apps that give you access to drug information to help patients understand drug interactions and side effects.

These apps also benefit the physicians involved, not just the patients. This is because with the assistance of health and fitness apps, healthcare professionals can spend less time filing and maintaining records and more time focusing on patient care.


Telemedicine has enabled patients to receive care at home by allowing medical images, biosignals (heart rate, blood pressure, etc.), and other data to be collected and sent to your doctor. This reduces waiting times and speeds up the delivery process of the treatment for the patient. Real-time video conferences with healthcare professionals is also a component of telemedicine, which is ideal for those who want to electronically consult with their healthcare providers.

Improved Patient Care via Technology

Because of apps, healthcare IT solutions, and other technology in the healthcare industry, patients are able to get the care they need more readily. Since electronic health records are available to physicians, they have access to complete medical histories of patients, which makes for better decision-making when it comes to diagnosing and treating them. Another perk is that doctors can pinpoint any medication errors.

There are more than just apps when it comes to groundbreaking technology in healthcare. RFID technology can enhance patient care by providing healthcare professionals with the patient’s vital signs. Additionally, the emergence of 3D printing technology has given physicians a way to create prosthetics and customize dental devices. Even virtual reality technology contributes to improved patient care by easing certain mental illness symptoms to help patients cope.