Videos are one of the most powerful techniques to carry ideas. Videos are unlike than any other content as they are easier to understand and follow than text-based content. Even well-optimized content in the form of bulletins is nothing when compared to a video. It is indeed true that actions speak more than words, thus videos are a great source to educate your target audience as well as potential customers. If you own a brand, then use video-based content to educate your audience about your products and services.

By creating knowledge base videos, you can teach your clients with engaging, visual illustrations that enhance the learning capability of your customers. Let’s find when and how to use these knowledgeable videos together with professionals tricks and tips. This will help you make your content more engaging and helpful for your audience.

Knowledge Base Videos: When to Use Them?

These days powerful internet is easily accessible for most customers, and this is another reason you can use videos to educate your audience. Videos are now one of the most consumed content types as they are appealing, easily memorable and engaging. As per a report, 72% of people love to watch videos in the place of other content like text when they want to learn about a new product or service.

Now you can easily insert or embed videos in emails, social media, chat applications, CRM tools and more. However, making videos can be more time taking and challenging than writing a blog post or dropping a text-based email. You can use videos based content for these cases:

While Educating Your Products or Services

Explaining your products and services in words can be easier, but do your customers really read all of your explanation? When you create videos to educate them about your services and products, it may feel a bit difficult in the beginning, but it can significantly enhance your product trustworthiness and value. So it is safe to say that video marketing is much powerful then what you may realize.

Use How-to Videos

When it comes to teaching something to your customers, there is nothing that works better than a video. Whether you are a fitness trainer, manufacturing company or a health expert, how-to videos will allow you to provide full-fledged solutions to your clients. For creating highly engaging videos, look out what your customers are dealing with and what they want. Are they looking for an answer to their question? Are they facing any problem while using your products, or do they have any doubts? If so, then make separate videos on each issue to provide the solution.

Lure Customers to a New Product

Why do filmmakers release official promotional clips or trailers for their upcoming movies? For creating excitement for their arriving products? Correct me if I am wrong.

You should also use the video content for your business in the same way. Introduce your new products or services in a unique way, using videos to attract your potential buyers.

Educate About Utilization of Your Products

Your products are useless for a potential buyer if you don’t explain the usage to them. Videos are the best method to do so as you can practically show them how they can use it. Moreover, you can tell about the benefits and potential risk of using your products if used improperly.

What Tools Are Best Making Knowledgeable Videos

Now we are coming to what tools are best to create high-quality marketing videos. Here we have shortlisted a few basic and excellent tools for producing professional videos:

  • GarageBand: Best for recording top-notch quality audio.
  • A noise-cancelling microphone.
  • Set foams in your recording room and its table so that there will be no noise and echoes. Strictly use the sound professional foam for this purpose.
  • Camtasia, ScreenFlow and Screenastify: One of the best video editing software around the world. You can also use other more professional software, be it Adobe Premiere Pro if you want.

Video hosting networks, such as YouTube that also allows you, potential new customers. There are other paid networks too like Vidyard or Wistia.

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SOURCE: Making Knowledgeable Videos: Tools, Tips and Illustrations, Tireless IT Services