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The Tenth collector of the tenth Chapter of the black sand of the cave-p3

“the black sand of the cave there is require to me?” a drop in the dollar figure of the latest chapters Meng-Chuan surprised.< br/>three large factions, the black sand of the cave is and the beginning of yuan mountain of considerable strength, both sides even beheaded the Demon King are each other Joneses. The whole sectarian require the other God of magic?< br/>“for example, you reach the God seven, they will certainly ask you to help.” Qin five His Holiness said.< br/>“God seven layers?” Jonny dollar figure Breeze Jonny dollar figure ptt Meng-Chuan's embarrassing,“the disciple is also difference too far.”< br/>“You Are Young and promising.” Jonny dollar figure uu Qin five venerable smiling,“this thing for the time being put aside, I will be for you to write to the black sand of the cave to pursue the matter. As for you, how are you prepared for the next...... There will be large number of the demon king into the Terran world.”< br/>“the large demon king?” Cang yuan chart download Meng-Chuan by surprise.< br/>Qin five venerable nodded:“according to my family search, the demon world of the triple days demon king will have a number of quicks into the Terran world.”< br/> Jonny dollar figure ptt “one into?” Meng Chuan heart.
br/>father at least recover the innocence, the accountability of the Black Sand Cave thing can only be put in after it.< br/>to deal with the Demon Clan, is the top priority.< br/>“intelligence is not wrong.” Qin five His Holiness said,“You and your wife to be ready, both of you, but is responsible for almost one state of the ground.”< br/>“master assured, disciple since when do the best with.” Meng Chuan know.< br/>“well, with your father, go back.” Qin five venerable smile know.< br/> a drop in the dollar figure of the latest chapters sitting at that the Meng River, which was jerked awake, he saw Qin five Holiness, even 跪伏 down, grateful way:“thank His Holiness the rescue me out of Oliver's.”< br/>he now memory recovery all understand.< br/>said he in collusion with the days of the demon door, than kill him also uncomfortable.< br/> a drop in the metagraph starting point “you gotta thank your son.” Qin five His Holiness said.< br/>ordinary eternal environment of God the magic of the case, is not qualified to make the helm of the entire element at the beginning of the mountain‘Qin five His Holiness’personally track down, after all, Qin five His Holiness really is busy, cultivate disciples, processing transactions, their practice...... Too many ways to spend time too. In fact the normal case, it will not Rede 淳于 shepherd this big master himself under the Black Hand.< br/>“master, the disciples of this goes down.” Meng Chuan grateful to know.< br/> Jonny dollar figure traditional “go.” Jonny dollar figure Breeze Qin five His Holiness nodded.< br/>Meng-Chuan with his father Meng the Great River, but also to leave immediately.< br/>and Qin five Venerable a whisk hand, on the table there are pen and ink paper Inkstone, he began to write, ready to send to the black sand of the cave in.