Mortgage originatiors feeling the pressure from low loan volumes and low margins are showing a renewed interest in non-QM loan products for borrowers outside the conforming credit box. But no one has forgotten the painful lessons of the financial crisis and lenders and investors alike recognize that high-quality originations - whether QM or non-QM - are key to a healthy real estate and mortgage market.

To ensure loan quality, investment banks, mortgage companies, government agenceis and lmortgage insurers are using Infinity IPS for residential mortgage credit and compliance due diligence, pre-fund and post-close quality control and mortgage servicing reviews.

The company founded in 2003, has been approved to perform RMBS third-party due diligence reviews by Fitch, Moody's, DBRS, Kroll and most recently, by Mornigstar.

Mortgage Due Diligence Company - Infinity IPS.