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Foreign author more you have to consider the fast high but variable frequency need to select the type of development of frequency support the full number of Fast degrees will help washing machine leisure activities according to correct processes. Due to the characteristics of the transportation centrifugal inertia extremely broad if as many members, not mounted discharge resistors to bring to the development of frequency further leads to the error of the constantly, bring the washing machine can not operate entertainment.sửa giặt the suspectệp
repair treatment, maintenance of washer dryer automation of European, American, Japanese...Confirms the good quality weapon When finish edit, stable operation as latest. The concept of the block system, electric cabinet and plc, then you should thanks to team sleep professional on this business to plan repairs or new installation, the most quickly and more efficiently. Industrial washing machine includes the washing entirely can rotate vertical and horizontal aimed at the workers convenience in the work mishandle clothes on and take dress clothes out. Can pump system to supply water and soap, chemical detergent rubbed into the cage washer.