Regular expression or regex could be defined as the matching pattern used to match combinations f characters in strings. Regular expressions are an essential part of the toolkit of any web developer and programmer. It is convenient when it comes to modifying, replacing, and identifying texts, characters, words, and patterns. Regular expressions play an important role in providing a pretty look to your websites. Its use is limitless and extending even to some advanced actions such as filtering RSS feeds or other data along with modifying .htaccess file for cleaning URLs. Regular expressions seem a little bit hard to pick up initially, but once you start understanding the syntax, it becomes easy for you to use it efficiently in the future.

Here is the list of 25 Useful Regular Expression Tools and Resources which can make your web developing much more straightforward:

Desktop RegEx Expression Tools

  1. Patterns

The great app used for testing and writing RegEx for macOS is also support for many other frameworks, including Ruby, PCRE, grep, bash, and sed. The real-time syntax featured in the tool can be used to highlight the matches and patterns of RegEx. It is a great application not only for beginners but also for advanced web developers.

  1. regex tool

The regular expression tool is a very handy and convenient application that could be used suitable for writing and testing the matches of RegEx for macOS. The device is available for free, which could be used by the developers easily.

  1. Expresso

The regex editor has won many awards, and it is not only suitable for beginners, but also its advanced features make it a great tool for web designers and programmers. It is used for Windows and available for free.

  1. RegEx Marker

The users can automate the editing of code in Xcode by using this application. The web designers and developers can use it for writing the expressions used while adding a new line along with replacing or removing it. The application is compatible with Xcode 9 and 10 on the High Sierra or macOS Mojave.

  1. Regex Coach

The app is suitable for Windows and can be represented graphically along with using it to experiment interactively with Pearl compatibility. The app is suitable to find out whether the regular expressions are matching the targeted particular strings.

  1. Reggy

The open-source regular expression tool is aimed to make it simple in functioning along with providing a nice user interface for macOS. Also, the app is supportive of several other RegEx tools, such as Ruby, Pearl, and Java. The app is available for free, which is useful for web designers and programmers.

  1. Regex magic

The comprehensive app supports almost all the flavors of popular flavors of regular expressions, along with making easier the creation of regular expressions. The application can also generate snippets which you can copy and paste directly into the source code for implementing regular expressions. It is compatible with Windows, and you will need to pay a little for getting it installed.

  1. Regex Widget

You can try this interactive widget for getting regular expressions used for JavaScript along with some other languages, including Ruby, Sed, and Perl. It has several other features such as match index array view, global switch, and a simple and great user interface. It is compatible with macOS and available for free.

  1. Regex Regular Expression Tool

It is compatible with Windows and serves as a great tool when it comes to writing and testing the patterns of RegEx. It has a simple user interface making it easy to work and has three significant feature inputs, which could be used for texting source to test, writing the RegEx pattern, and showing matches in real-time.

  1. RegexPixie

The feature-rich tool is compatible with windows and available for free along with offering real-time syntax to highlight the syntax, searching and replacing the RegEx matches and supporting the named group.

  1. Rex-T

The feature-rich tool can be used the web designers and developers for developing and testing the complex patterns of RegEx conveniently. The tool is also significant as generate sample code, which is based on the RegEx pattern for using in Objective-C code and Swift.

  1. Expressions

The app is compatible with macOS for testing and writing RegEx patterns, along with having a great user interface. The app is also supportive of the dark mode of macOS, and the users will need to pay a little for getting the app.

Online Regex Tools

  1. Regular Expression 101

It is considered one of the most popular online tools of RegEx, which also features rich, making the web developing and designing much easier for the users.

  1. RegExr

The online tool is developed by gskinner and considered one of the best online tools of the regular expression. It has a vast community where you can post all your queries along with supporting match and replace features.

  1. RegexTester

The online regular expression tool is very much suitable for programmers of various languages also and uses regular expression functions of PHP as a base for operating its functions.

  1. Rubular

The online regular expression editor is based on Ruby, and it is advantageous and simple when it comes to testing the regular expressions on the websites.

  1. Python Regular Expression Testing Tool

The expression tool is based on Python, which enables web designers and programmers to test regular expressions rapidly. Also, it supportive of some specific functions of python regex, including Unicode and dotall.

  1. Rex V

The regular expression tool is using Ajax as its base for its functions along with supporting three other systems of regular expression such as PHP Posix, PHP PCRE, and JavaScript.

  1. PHPLiveRegEx

The tool is handy when it comes to write and test the functions of PHP right from the browser, which includes match, replace, and match all.

  1. I Hate RegEx

The tool saves the time of web designers and developers, along with acting as a great tool to learn the RegEx patterns. Also, it can be used for matching regular expressions such as phone number, email, and username.

  1. Regulex

You can graphically represent the pattern of RegEx for JavaScript, along with getting help from the tool to write a book, tutorial, and presentation.

  1. Build RegEx

The tools are useful for composing the expressions of RegEx conveniently with the user interface. The users can rearrange the position of the syntax by dragging and dropping it after clicking and selecting the condition.

Visual Studio Code Add-ons

  1. RegexWorkbench

The add on is supportive of matching, splitting, replacing, and replace all patterns along with having a PCRE base. It has its screen for developing and testing the RegEx pattern.

  1. RegexPreview

It can visualize the pattern of your regular expressions on Visual code with the use of a flowchart.

  1. VScode Regex

You can use the tool to write RegEx expressions along with showing the recent matches side by side in a document.

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