to carry cash makes it vulnerable to infection view-19? becomes the question that many people worried in the situation today from a research study of the Bangkok world health organization (WHO) found that the virus corona new strain causes the project life-19 that has a duration on the skin is exposed to different, such as paper or plastic will have the duration last for up to 9 days, but if in the room temperature will be approximately 4-5 days, which bills in addition may be contaminated with this virus, there are also bacteria accumulate up to 26 thousand since they use the mobile to several to present it with recommendations to the public choose to use contactless payment to reduce the health risk

in China. with innovation and technology to help citizens avoid exposure to pathogens through payment systems digital. Airpay and WeChat Pay with people use a lot, even small roadside shops were also using the pocket money digitally these parts in the United States have reported that consumers are more likely to take payments digitally, more as well as Philippines have the use of payment systems digital a long time and are still popular in the group, the tech that accelerate technology development, financial open, the user can make transactions with the General store and the online store via mobile phone.

for Thailand. the development of pocket money digital up such as True Money Wallet, AirPay and Rabbit LINE Pay long as well, but still not very popular, because there are also some stores that don't accept form of payment or payments in General, it is still a payment of cash, although the banknotes will be accumulated germs that come from the use of a forward, but current research is various, it is also no recognition that we will be able to contact infection project life-19 of banknotes? the best way at this time, it is wash your hands regularly whenever contact with banknotes or maybe try changing the from to carry the banknotes as payment through pocket money and digital payment channels other, instead of in addition to suited to step into the cashless society, then it's also good for situations plague this period very much.

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