A DNA test is a unique method of identification of individuals based on DNA that a person inherits from his parents. DNA testing is a powerful tool to resolve property disputes, custody cases, and criminal cases, apart from resolving family issues. The paternity DNA test is a test that is widely performed to clear doubts regarding the paternity of a child. DNA test supports in determining the biological relationship between them. Apart from Paternity DNA testing, maternity DNA testing, Paternity Trio DNA testing, Ancestry DNA testing are also performed based on the individual needs of the clients. Various private laboratories are presently offering DNA Test in Ahmadabad . Still, the DNA Forensics laboratory is the only government-approved private lab in India that has opened its collection centers all across the country.

People choose DNA testing services for their peace of mind. In crime cases, the forensics department conducts a DNA test to find out the degree of involvement of prime suspect in a particular crime. DNA Forensics Laboratory provides legally defensible DNA test reports. The test takes around 3-5 working days to present the DNA test results, and DNA test results are 99.999% accurate on which people can rely.