All around the world there are many places with huge diversity of plants and animals. With an evolution of lifestyle of human species it turned out to be decrease in Forests nut still there exist some very known major forests which is habitat to many flora and fauna. There are no other experiences more rewarding than having a seal encounter with a wild animal or a bird in their natural habitat. Being it be any animal learning and capturing them is best when a brief observation of them doing about the day and accepting them naturally. Close meet with wildlife maybe a little tough and also rare but travelling to wildlife hotspot can bring to you an extra ordinary experience of all time. Costa Rica supports the last living wet forest which is habitat to many endangered wildlife in the country and allow unique experience with closed encounters with its wildlife. Brazil serves Amazon to be the largest habitat of flora and fauna with almost all the threatened species including endangered. There are many tropical rainforest being the best spot for the wildlife photographer to entitle their best experience in capturing wildlife. Tropical Photo Tours provides the best tour packages to Costa Rica, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, and Brazil.