?That is a ozone generator?

This device serves to sterilize the air, which entails that you remove all the smells from the environment, remove bacerias, kill fungi, disinfect viruses...

The advantage of these devices is that they can be applied to food or anything you want, clothes, doorknobs, you can even use it for the water.

?How it works a ozonator?

The truth that it has an explanation quite rare, this device works by two molecules of oxygen through an electric shock produced by ozone creates a third molecule by the removal of contaminated substances from the site which you have applied.

Types of ozonizers:

• ozone Generator for washing machine
• ozone Generator for car
• Ozone at home
• ozone Generator professional
• ozone Generator aquarium

Then ?because it is recommended to use ozone generators?

These machine ozone I like enough because after that we are going in Spain with the covid19 you need to have a little bit of protection with our objects.
personally I like to use it for everything, use it for the water before you eat, when my partner comes in to buy at the grocery store sanitize all products purchased with this machine ozone.
I Also would like to add that these machines ozone vary much in price, that is to say the there from very inexpensive to prices that it is better not to name, I have tried the two extremes and it really shows but for the price they have difference it's not worth to pay that money.