Xbox games are stored in the external hard drive to run, but if you are running low on storage, then you need to have an additional accessory. The SSD is a perfect option, and the premium option to enhance the storage of the device. By adding additional to Xbox One will surely expand the storage for more games, but it will also help in performance drastically. The loading time and performance will be improved. There are many types of SSD’s that are available that you can choose from. From storage size to performance, your money preference and shapes types of several categories of SSD available.

Top 6 SSD drives for Xbox One

  1. Samsung T5 500GB Portable SSD

It is true that the SSD for Xbox One is not cheap products, so “Samsung T5 500GB” is a top category of the external drive with the immense speed that will cost you less than $100. Now, if you are using a base model of Xbox One, then you will have double storage so that you can have more games on your console with an extra boost. It is coming in a metal finish design with shock-resistant that can easily fit into your Xbox One console device.

  • ADATA SD600Q 240GB SSD

You might look for a base model with not much investment, so in this condition, the best SSD experience you can have by “ADATA SD600Q” that provides bump speed with minimum cost. It could be a great choice if it meets your preference. The storage of this external drive pack will be 240GB, where you have few amazing Xbox One games.

  • WD My Passport Go Cobalt 500GB SSD

Well, you have your choice, but the “WD 500GB My Passport” is a perfect shape portable with tough SSD into the metal case with rubber line borders. Even if you do a drop test of two meters with this external SSD, there will cause no harm to it. This outstanding SSD is best for travelers and also for gamers.

  • Seagate Barracuda Fast SSD 500GB External SSD

Seagate has a whole different lineup of the sleek design of SSD. Their official licensed Xbox One’s SSD is the same design and technology that just comes into the lower price segment. Well, it’s a great thing that users will get the same segment of products in the lower range.

  • WD My Passport Go Cobalt 1TB SSD

With “1TB WD My Passport” you can have double storage. Along with the storage, the design and price of this remarkable SSD is a perfect choice. Because of the storage, it will also enhance the performance of the console.

  • SanDisk Extreme 2TB Portable External SSD

In the competitions of SSD and storage, “SanDisk’s 2TB” external drive is above all. The price of this SSD is similar to the SSD of Xbox One X, but it can have many games inside it than any other SSD. So if you want bigger storage, then SanDisk Extreme 2TB SSD is an incredible option.

Boost Your Xbox

As the larger size of games is releasing, the storage of drives is getting low and becoming a major issue. You can manage the storage by uninstalling the game, or you can also pay for the SSD to have more storage. Getting an SSD is the best option because it does not just enhance the storage, but it also boosts the console. It is true SSD is more expensive than regular hard drives, but SSD can reduce the loading time drastically.

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