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This website is a free ebook provider and the people who use it know that it is just the right place to go when you have an empty pocket, Meaning, the books here are free of cost and you still get the knowledge you seek! Books on this site are easily downloadable for free, also in PDF format. It contains several categories including academics, classics, textbooks, and audio books. The categories are further divided into sub-genres like drama, mystery, poetry, short stories, career, history, travel, self-improvement, sciences, etc.


With the vision to provide an extensive library of ebooks for free on the internet, this website is one of the best user interfaces and design among the e-book torrent sites. It lets you navigate through the site using categories like Genres, Titles, Authors, Language, Popular, Featured Authors, and Recommended. A fresh author can even use their platform to promote his/her book. This counts as a special feature of this site.


This site is a provider of a wide range of genres, each one you seek. It also has an impressive list of categories for easy browsing. Since the platform is very large, there’s an awesome feature where you can even search for books as per their author, title, or subject.That makes it a lot easier for the visitor on the site to zero down to their favorite book. Dive into the genre meant for you and seek knowledge for free!

Planet ebook

This wide platform is home to some of the most amazing classics of all time and loved by all readers. The site holds a grand collection of ebooks and it currently has about 50,000 titles in its library!

Along with this amazing collection of ebooks in store, the books are well-organized into different genres for the ease of the reader. They do not have to go searching for their favorite books spending a lot of time on the website, they can narrow down to their favorites by the help of genre division on this site.


This is a greatly developed torrent site for ebooks which holds a collection of more than 7000 ebooks in its store. In addition, it also holds space for a great range of audiobooks. All the books on this platform are in a well organized manner and categorized into different genres like Fiction, non-fiction, parenting, biography, economics, spirituality, etc.

Also, all the books are completely free to download and available in PDF format, which is generally best suitable for readers.