Coin Master game's biggest advantage is the ease of playing, once you start playing this game you will get addicted to this game. If are a player who takes this game seriously and wants to know the tactics of playing this game than we will explain all the tricks to play this game. As of now around 50 Million players have already downloaded the game and if you are also one of the them than you might already know the basics of this game.

If you have a good amount of coins stacked in your account than you can play the game without waiting for a long time, but if you are a new player who has just joined the game than you might not have a good amount of coins. So if you keep reading this guide till the end you will get to know about some of the tricks which no one will tell you.

The first and biggest trick is that always try to play this game at night, coin master is a game which people love to play when they are free and night is the time when you will get the minimum amount of raids and attacks on your village. if that's the case than you will be able to build more and more villages without fear of getting raid or attacked by your friends or other players.

The second trick is the free Spins trick, Coin master gives around 5 spins free every hour. But as we also play the game personally so we know that 5 spins every hours is not enough so if you want you can also get daily free spins . If you have enough amount of spins in your account you can get allmost anything in this game. Because spins can get you raids, Attack, Stack of coins, Shields . So the first thing every one wants in this game is the free spins. You can also get some free spins for you and continue playing the game of you have stopped due to not having enough free spins in your account.

The Third and biggest trick is that you should always remember the pattern of attacks and raids you are getting, Suppose if you are getting raids after every 3 spins you all you need to do is just minime your bet to 1x and as soon as you are about to get new raid than increase the bet to 20x , Doing this can get your some very good rewards from coin master game.

So these were some of the bigest coin master tips and tricks no one will tell you, if you want some more you can always write to us in the comments section below and we will reply with a solution. Also if you have any doubt feel free to write to us in the comments section below.