Statistics are one of the most important parts of our lives. No data statistics are nothing. We cannot use different data without using statistics. Therefore, the important role of statistics is to represent data significantly. In this way, anyone can understand the data without the profound knowledge of the statistics. Statistical data arrays often contain enormous amounts of values. It is difficult to represent these values in the form of lists and articles. Therefore, the charts are created to represent the overall statistical value in a clean, well-managed order. Here in this blog, you'll see the 7 leading types of statistical charts common in statistics.

There are different types of statistical charts in the world. But useful graphs are those that can convey information efficiently and effectively to users. Graphs can make data more productive and free the hidden potential of data. You can get the idea of the relationship between data using graphs. Besides, it gives you the best way to represent and easily compare complex data arrays.

First, we must remember that each graph is different from this, and we cannot use any type of gramspinguistics for different types of data arrays. Therefore, we must have the right knowledge of the types of statistical charts in the world. The most important thing is that data types always determine the number we need to use. In contrast, qualitative and quantitative data is used in different types of graphs. We cannot use the same statistical charts for both.

Statistics Graphs

Pareto Diagram or Bar Graph

The Berto chart is also known as a chart. This is the best way to represent quality data. It was developed at the beginning of the twentieth century by and Purdue Bertetto. Use this chart to edit the research on wealth and poverty. This graph provides two ways to display data. You can represent data horizontally or vertically. You can use them to compare data, such as quantities, properties, times, and repetitions. This chart bar is highlighted with the basic categories. You can get an idea quickly from this bar on any category that contains the most data. There are three types of strips in this graph, which means single, stacked, and grouped.

Pie Chart or Circle Graph

The pie chart is also known as pie charts. This is also one of the most widely used statistics charts in the world. Statisticians typically use these charts to represent data graphically. As the name implies, this graph looks like a round cake with a few slices. Besides, we use this type of statistical graph to represent those quality data. Quality data means that the data is not digitally displayed. Besides we put different categories in every piece of pie. The size of the slides varies by data. Some slides may be more important and some smaller.


The graph is the best graph for statistics representing the data. We use it to express quantitative data. In this graph, the value range is defined as categories. If the items contain lower frequencies, they are shorter compared to the longer items with the higher frequency. Most students are confused by the column and graph charts. Because each one looks quite similar. But these graphs differ in terms of data measurement levels. In column charts, the frequency of the class data is the key factor. In a chart, data with ordered values is the underlying cause. You cannot easily measure proper values, that is, emotions, opinions, and suggestions.


All these seven types of statistics graphs are the major ones. Apart from that, there are other types of statistics graphs, too i.e., the statistics bar graphs, statistics misleading graphs, statistics line graphs, and even statistics bad graphs. Most of the statistics students are also well aware of exponentials graphs, logarithmic graphs, trigonometric graphs, cartesian graphs, and frequency distributions graphs.

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