Co. Homedy (the abbreviated name is: Homedy Incorporation. ) was established in the year 2015 by the co-founder seasoned experience in the field of internet/mobile, along with a team of professional editors : full of hot blood, the leading expert in the field of Real estate (real ESTATE). With the foundation is to provide measures in the marketing of comprehensive Real estate market, we aim aim to be Portal on the net comprehensive Real estate at the southeast Asian market. establish Homedy. junto de we desire to give users a perfect experience about having information in the field of Real estate: “easy Search - choice - diversity- reliable results”. bat dong san users when they come to Homedy. contendo will always get the update notification, complete, the most accurate about the Real estate market in the country as well as international; from informed in detail about the type of Real estate market situation, trends sale, prices... By our commitment will always make all efforts to keep ak as a bridge effect, the selective reliable not only of the Real estate business but also for users : is the customer the most advanced in all areas. post buy and sell houses, land free