PROFINET® is the leading open industrial Ethernet protocol standard in Europe for all areas of industrial automation technology. This type of communication system enables data to be exchanged in real-time between controller devices and field devices using industrial Ethernet. PROFINET® is the successor to PROFIBUS®, a Fieldbus protocol standard that is standardized by the PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) user organization. LAPP is playing an active role in further developing PROFINET®. The PROFINET®standard -compliant copper cables and components from LAPP’s ETHERLINE® range have the inscription “PN” or “PNA”, “PNB” or “PNC”, which indicates at a glance that they are suitable for PROFINET® applications and shows their type specification. Depending on the type of application concerned, different types of cables are used for PROFINET® cabling: either cables with 4 cores enabling 100 Mbit/s, or cables with 8 cores enabling Gigabit-level performance.