Digital health apps hold great promise with evidence of these apps playing a positive role in both patient outcomes and the costs of care. The demand for health apps has increased substantially and now there are millions of health apps available on the app stores worldwide. In this age of the advanced technology mobilization bridge that gap between a doctor and a patient. mHealth apps allow delivering services with quality care, improved workflow, and increased patient interaction while minimizing complexity and cost to achieve the desired goals. In the middle east region, the way people adapt to mobile technology and looking for convenient approaches during illness has also increased the demand for mobile health apps developed by leading mobile apps development companies in Dubai.

The love for fast food and rich ingredients has led to a sharp rise in obesity and associated illnesses in Dubai like metro cities, but today, things are changing, with healthy eating fast becoming a growing trend. As health
Wellness and healthy lifestyles have become mainstream, interest in fitness applications grow as fast as and business are approaching best in class app development companies in Dubai for a stunning app. Following are some of the best mHealth app ideas

Calorie counter

This is one of the most popular types of nutrition app with the main objective is to measure calories consumed and burned by the user in a day. In this app first, a user sets a goal, in most cases their weight then they input information about their activities and the food they eat, and the app calculates the calories they’ve consumed and burnt.

Meal planning

These types of applications help users to track calories even before they eat and allow users to choose their weight goals, diet, and food preferences. This information will generate a detailed diet program for a day, week, or month. And also users can choose recipes from the app’s recipe book or add their own.


These apps connect users with diet coaches to provide them with personalized suggestions and nutrition tips.

Special diet app

Special diet apps are for a particular audience, for example, you can create a pregnancy nutrition app or an app that will help people with diabetes keep an eye on their blood sugar levels. Expert Mobile application development companies in Dubai in the healthcare industry are telling that these apps are trending and having more demand in the market.

Betting app

This app allows a person to bets a certain amount of money that they’ll lose a certain amount of weight within a certain amount of time. if they achieve their goal and prove it, they get their money back.
Today mobile apps are everywhere and making our life easier. Healthcare providers are seeking an experienced app development company in Dubai to create a unique mobile user experience. Following are some of the must-have features of a diet app

Registration and personal accounts

Through the registration, a diet app should gather and analyze user data: age, weight, food preferences, preferred diet, allergies, goals, level of activity, and so on.

Dashboard and food logging

Food logging is nothing without a dashboard that contains the most important information about the user’s progress and useful nutrition tips and the perfect dashboard should be visually appealing and contain only the most essential information.

Push notifications

Push notification is a powerful tool for increasing user engagement and retention. Push notifications will motivate users to keep going by sending calls to action or information about current goals, push notifications to show your concern for each user, reminding them about meals and other things and finally push notifications to cause users to see your app as more than a place where they can log what they eat, instead of assistant that helps them reach their fitness goals.

Integration with fitness trackers

Fitness tracker allows you to count calories and information about some types of activities can be added automatically even your app can get health data such as blood pressure and heart rate.

Google Fit and Apple HealthKit

Google Fit app uses gadget’s sensors to monitor activities like cycling, running, and also can be used to calculate burnt calories and Apple HealthKit is a repository for fitness data that enables health applications to exchange data.


Creating a diet and nutrition app can be easier with the help of a good mobile apps development company in Dubai. So if you have a plan for a healthcare app hire one of the best nutrition app developers among the list of mobile app development companies in Dubai to get the best return on your product investment.

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