Design thinking is one of the three pillars of Lean UX. This approach is increasingly used by Mobile app development companies that want to optimize your conversion rate through innovation and continuous improvement of the customer experience. Because today, the experience takes precedence over the product or service itself; this method is perfectly suited to business creation, digital agencies, and more generally to the world of mobile applications.

The design process thinking of creating applications

Before having a concrete vision of your operation, you need to go through the different stages that compose it. Like any creative process, which is not written in stone and the number of stages?

  1. Empathy.

This step is one of the most important since it involves understanding of users. This means that you have to get to know them through interviews and observations. This is how to assimilate may potentially interact with the product.

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  1. Definition.

From understanding the expectations and modes of use, you can identify the problem to be solved, begins to formulate hypotheses, synthesize the information gathered, keeping the user in the center of reflection.

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  1. Ideate.

It is an exploration phase during which the goal is to generate as many ideas as possible to meet the needs of users. There are several methods, the best known of which: brainstorming and benchmarking.

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  1. Prototype.

During this stage, application developers designing wireframes, models, or prototypes after crossing retained and refine ideas. The aim is to format the project construction to prove it.

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  1. Test

Finally, users can directly test the product. This step is shown how they interact; If this type of use corresponds to what I expected you or if on the other hand, will have to refine, cut, or flatten certain ideas. The test also identifies whether the product meets the defined need at the start of the trip.

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Adapting its mobile application for users

There are several factors to consider ensuring that your application is well developed for the target audience. Using the wrong focus can affect you much. Given these factors, you should be sure that your application will be a success:

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Discover user

To identify the right problems; you should get in the skin of users for whom you are designing the mobile application. To this end, several methods and contribute effectively to strengthen their relationship with users.

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Field studies

This involves observing how a person uses products similar to yours in natural conditions (house, shop, etc.). Through this collection of information, you will be able to know the context of use, their physical and emotional needs, or major limitations. This observation can be supplemented with a series of questions to better understand the current usage.

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Personas are signs for different types of users and representative corresponds to the target to reach that one desires. They have the form of fact sheets consisting of fictitious data (marital status, photography, etc.). And realistic data from your research (motivations, needs, contexts, etc.). The personalities play an important role in the design and make it possible for the product described the expectations of the profiles to comprehend adjusted.

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Mapping the experience

This includes the user journey tracking and closely monitoring their interaction with the product. (What he achieved at every stage of the journey, what he is doing quickly what he has trouble understanding at first sight, etc.). In the form of a large chart all these behaviors describe problems, black spots and tasks are performed; The card serves as a basis for the design phase and helps to understand how the user feels before, during and after application.

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UX experts agree that there is nothing to understand this better than direct contact with the user. With interviews, you can ask as many questions as you want, let them use your prototypes, and to record the answers.

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Heat Maps, you can quickly view the areas of application where users are most active. The statistics provided by the plate shape observed to take a series of colored tasks that represent places that users avoid and those in which all of their attention. This method is often emphasized behaviors differ from those contemplated.

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Teeming with ideas

Another way to define your product, it is all the options available to you to explore. to produce to all project participants must be involved, as many ideas as possible. This imagining phase is when ideas start to take shape. Upon completion, the goal is to sort out its structure and decide to keep what items away or throw.

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