“Go to the gym, come on!” You resolve to change, improve the health of themselves. After consult friends, relatives, and being swept away in a sea of advice, the more you more trouble. In this article, Vietcetera will help you synthesize 5 misunderstanding usually met most of the people starting the new gym.

1. “For fine.”
We usually take out the target general, seem positive and don't create tension, but difficult to measure and track. This leads to a situation of ‘astray’ in the gym because don't know when, how ever, or what exercises will do her well.

the gym has a lifting effect, high strength, durability based on the change of body structure, such as increased body weight, decreased amount of fat,... feeling energetic you feel is because your body is changing. For example: 1m7 weight 80kg body fat percentage is 30% (obesity) will see heavy supplications, more tired than weigh 73kg percentage of fat body by 20%.

Understand you need to make what changes and set out the specific purpose is the first step to help you train effectively in the gym.

misunderstood when gym 1
Set goals that are too general such as “for fine” will cause you to ‘lost’ in the gym.
2. “Moderate exercise alone, big tits/boobs too look scared.”
keywords ‘gym’ is often associated with images of the boys, girls with rippling muscles, causing you to misunderstand that just go to the gym workout as the body will become so.

image you see is of the shipping encouraging fitness professional, the poster full of muscle is the product advertising for industry fitness. These people have the special qualities to develop a body impression, in collaboration with mode of living, workout and nutritional rigorous to optimize the process of building muscle far beyond ordinary people.

You also don't think that anyone hard running can also achieve the speed of Usain Bolt right? Similarly so, trying to really energetically at the gym will help you achieve the most beautiful picture of himself, rather than turn you into a giant with a vengeance now.

misunderstood when gym 2
the workout invigorated at the gym will help you achieve the most beautiful picture of himself, rather than turn you into the voluminous in a way miraculous.
3. “Then never have 6 pack?”
All products trendsetters of gym and fitness are the images associated with 6 pack abdominal, this has form think abdominal 6 pack is the “uniform” of every child in the gym. When the amount of body fat reduced to some degree, the insistence (usually below 15%), shape your abdominal muscles start to be described. besides it is a mode not optimized for the body and very difficult to maintain in the long.

The model transport cheer professional also need to plan and prepare in advance 3-4 months for a photo shoot or filming, not able to maintain it at all times. Understand problems and set more realistic goal will help you not discouraged because I have yet to see the desired results.

Understand the mistake of going to the gym 3
abdominal Muscles 6 time zones not “uniform” of all people go to the gym.
4. To the gym is the most effective way to lose weight
workout contribute a large part effects change body is not need to argue. foreign author, to talk about reducing the percentage of fat, lose weight, then the training for that nutrition decided to 70% of the results.

techniques to play tennis practice play a large role in stimulating muscle development, also energy load and energy consumption will determine the body lose fat, or grease. practical, trying not to burn is too much energy. Therefore, in addition to design exercise program well then you need to spend time adjusting diet eat enter again.

5. “This tranche fat, too, must come to the office, please.”
Status, fat, skinny of a body is the result of the meal, activity and lifestyle your daily. surely the aim of everyone is to keep body stay balanced, healthy, and not up and down like a sine.

So instead of looking to the workout and dieting as a weight loss tool, lose fat within a few months, let's build a plan to change eating habits and motor slowly. this will bring you changes ardent and durable.

Understand the mistake of going to the gym 4
Let's define the gym is to keep your body balanced, healthy, and not up and down like a sine.