In almost every conversation, who also take care on themselves. The subject “I...” constantly appears in the dialogue until the article on social networks. When attending an event networking, you easily notice people are trying to more lose each other in the impress. Navigating all the story revolves say around myself, making the story content is left out, and individual image is exaggeration.

out I have practice a small test. Within 2 days, I won't say anything about themselves in every conversation. And here is what I gathered.

people feel you care about them
When you talk less, you listen more. When you no longer share too much about yourself anymore, you will have to specialize attention to what the opposite person is saying. You will hear every detail in their stories. You will learn more from them. You will start to pay attention to things that previously you haven't been paying attention.

Who you are talking to like that, too, because everyone likes talking about themselves. They want to let you know they love to do, have achieved what fruit. When you stopped talking about yourself news is way with the spotlight back to them, they will see the joy in your heart though you may not realize that.

If you feel the communication is too difficult, then try this: stop talking about myself, and waited to see what would happen.

Stop talking about yourself 1
When you talk less, you ear more.

The world less noisily than
imagine if you had to in a place where everyone compete to say, no one appeared who would hear it loud to any extent. Moreover, always have to think what to say then very tired. When you stop talking about yourself, the noise continues, taiwan will will diminish, you will see the world with a gaze more smoothly.

You question is more
If not talking about yourself then the only way for you to attend to contribute to the conversation is to ask questions. After a brief period, you will realize his profit from the question.

“Speak more for yourself to hear about...”

“then how do you feel?”

“People react how?”

“Can you see the fear bit?”

“the family say about that?”

“Have to try it again?”

There are many ways to develop story just by asking when you take personal yourself out of the center.

Relationship is upgraded
I realized the relationship of his has reached a new height in just a very short time, thanks to the discontinued sports sports timeless about her more. Whereby the construction of its link with customers, friends or new colleagues becomes easy to surprised.

When they ask questions, I will turn attention back to their side. I no longer take time to build the relationship again, because now I understand the point and difficulty of them than just by listening. Because of that, after the conversation, the advice or opinion of me become more rewarding a lot.

Stop talking about yourself 2
When making the center of rotation say around say around her, you ask about the other person and understand them more.

You don't need to wrack my brain thinking what to say next and just listen
Each conversation, we often spend a lot of time to record the experience in his memories to find the answer. football you to prevent the urge to instinctively want to find sayings to impress, you will specialize attentively listen to the opposite person more.

After an experimental talk less, I get out of work gathered on itself seemed very natural and easy turned out to be tired, and this habit makes the ability to listen equally to any extent. A person only accustomed to hear in this ear and out the other ear, no field assembly is the fulness of the story, then of course the ability to ear, could not well be.

Is a great
In time to meet problems about psychological health, I have to find a therapy professional. Thanks to that I realized there is a whole ear himself, never interrupt when I'm gone, please, share your thoughts, experience or individual outcomes is a wonderful thing how much.

There are therapy sessions that healers didn't say anything, just sat there listening and explanatory notes. Feel like to be rescued, it really is very comfortable.

When you stop putting yourself into the conversation and only opportunity to listen to the rest, you already own is magical stuff that the psychologists use to therapy the psychological problems, and that is a kind of power, magic.

people want to be talking with you
human instinct is addiction is the other ear. This is what I figured out is through time can experience this. I suddenly was introduced to more people everyday. People want to talk to me, they themselves also unknown why. Who introduced me with they also don't understand notes.

Less talk about themselves is a strange power. It's invisible, and people also don't pay attention to the silence that your. They will often gather talk about themselves and their lives. That's what makes them want to get acquainted with you more from that social circle of you are open carrying.

Stop talking about yourself 3
When you talk less about yourself and gather ear others, people will want to get acquainted with you more from that social circle of you are open carrying.

You have the power to impact more in conversation
the Words of the people who rarely speak often have more weight than. We often make a fundamental error which is check low people always just sit in the room and listen quietly. Not always speak the loudest, talking non-stop have a health impact. on the contrary, it is people who know when to talk, saying only what was necessary and delivered the ear.

experiment short-lived on helped me realize many things, and it's still not over. I still continue to practice less the saying goes, the ear more, and forging his own modesty.