VIDEO: Office Anal, body research losing for Vietnam (Next to Sports)

time past Heerenveen constantly gave English want to renew the association loan Crew, Office, Anal added 1 year. The team of the Netherlands has sent an email to Ha Noi FC with the desire to have a negotiations through video call to decide tomorrow's post.

immediately representative of the CLUB Ha Noi voiced affirmations will create conditions for the continued stay in Europe. also has almost half a month passed, the football team Show still silent, made negotiations with Heerenveen can not take place.

the future Van big ears heerenveen
Ha Noi FC still silent about tomorrow's post.

The Office is Heerenveen retained is reported very happy with NHM Vietnam and the Display also glad of it. in addition throughout the period to the Netherlands, the number 1 Vietnam only been out the 4 minutes for 1 team. fitness ball this definitely made the team the capital are not satisfied.

At the moment the current Heerenveen are in trouble and need to renew with the Office Anal. The Netherlands football team forced to have words suggested before, help Ha Noi FC at the 'door on' when the negotiating party.

the Team of the no need to rush, because they want to 'partner' worried woman' to have benefits on the negotiating table. Meanwhile, the Hanoi FC there are conditions to install a number of terms such as money transfers, time of post or the number of times returned to serve Vietnam...

If you don't want to please the new terms of the Ha Noi FC, SC Heerenveen only 1 selection unique is the buyout Union Office, or paid defender born in 1999 about Vietnam. With the sending of request before, Heerenveen check very high talent of Writer and they will make wise along to keep this young star.

In the next season, COACH Johnny Jansen will considered review given to Van Hau much time out in the yard more. The strategy for this service: "The Office is closer to the position in the team. He's going in the right direction".