Real estate, Long Thanh are becoming hotspots of investment world. information promoting the project Long Thanh international airport, and transportation systems connect within the time limit today. Market went to get more real ESTATE projects, big to prepare the village for the first wave infrastructure, residential satellite Long Thanh international airport. The real ESTATE projects are the major attraction in the market as real estate projects Gem Sky World Earth Blue and real ESTATE projects the people Kim Oanh III at Long Thanh. The sale price is also the problem that many people invest attention to retro, next is the stage of conducting infrastructure projects comes of the wake, Dong Nai. Article share 2 announcements relative to non-Long school of City and highway ho chi minh CITY. HCM city – Long Thanh – dau giay.

Infrastructure the break, real estate, Long Thanh attract investments
Infrastructure the break, real estate, Long Thanh attract investments

recently, Prime minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc steering COMMITTEE, wake Dong Nai push accelerated the liberation, I offset the plane to soon carry out the process 1 of project air port Long Thanh in the period to 2025. Accordingly, the Ministry of TRANSPORT quite made welcome and put information trying to the Long Thanh international airport in early spring 2021. New here, from the awake, Dong Nai order credit months 10-2020 to hand over 1800 hectares of land, of premises to conduct the first step of the project, the airport Long Thanh. Next, there also exists information that the agency directing the government's request QH delivered ACV (total Company line no Vietnam) capital contributions of investment categories, the Long Thanh international airport.

with Respect to real estate project design, construction of Long Thanh airport has been Prime minister proposes, The council reviews the state expeditiously complete due diligence work and evaluate explanations, investigative and research ability to enforce the Prime minister to consider the decision to action in January 3-2020. Also project land acquisition, compensation, assistance, re safety, residential real ESTATE project Long Thanh international airport by people's Committee of wake Dong Nai province INVESTOR with the framework of 5,000 ha and to land acquisition of 17 organizations, 5.283 households and evacuation 3 tha ma gathering in-depth.

project Long Thanh international airport
project flight school, Long Thanh

In the case online with, Dong Nai province about the situation socio – economic. Interactive requirements push rapid acceleration, work release, restitution of premises to keep up promotion project in africa international school of 1 at Long Thanh. The total area of ground flight school, Long Thanh is 5,000 ha, the priority in the process of moving forward first of all, people's Committee of wake Dong Nai try to push accelerator quick work freeing the ground 1.810 hectares. intended number area of the premises will conduct assignment handed in on January 8, 2020 promotion design, construction, flight school Long Into the process 1.

To date, Commission masses. # province of Dong Nai has completed counting 1.028 household on the land fund. at the same time awakenings calculate the land for reimbursement of reasonable, approved medical scheme compensation. accordingly, the compensation prediction will proceed to pay to the households in the 2nd quarter of 2020. Based on the situation in fact, the Prime minister requested the CLEARANCE, flight school Long The need to be further accelerated. Recommendations woke Dong Nai gathered in-depth for the compensation and clearance. How slow most of the time 2020 capital have the ability to ban yet been disbursed for loans, expected loan disbursement 17.000 billion vnd.

Prime minister proposed convergence depth strength and wisdom to the optimal amount of capital, need to gather in-depth. Good conduct will contribute to the construction of country classics. The first is the promotion to start construction, CLEARANCE, distribution for the process 1 of the real ESTATE project. woke Dong Nai keep abreast and promote activities to meet the intended handover process 1 in period 2025.

the problems that the province of Dong Nai need to do good this moment is price pressure compensation, design, construction zones re residential security, infrastructure and social. Every problem should be using the quick sync. more important is problem solving properties, the resettlement area should be made a priority as soon as possible. The to promote well, and the need to have the support of the industry. Help Dong Nai province to speed up the process, settlement disbursement of investment, to protect the right criteria, quality real ESTATE projects. besides protecting the progress of the to the hearts of the people, promotion of the right the regulations under the law to residential support, delivered flat surface for construction.

Khuong, Thuan Land wide HIGHWAY HCMC – LONG THANH – dau giay
High speed ho chi minh CITY.HCM city – Long Thanh – dau giay carries a link important in the network communication system to the south. despite that the current phenomenon of traffic jams on the highway, dien out quite often. The traffic department of transportation propose to choose the route to dodge traffic in the high speed ho chi minh CITY.Ho Chi Minh city – Long Thanh – dau giay, requires liberating and expanding the high speed ho chi minh CITY.Ho Chi Minh city – Long Thanh – dau giay to 8 lanes. The total investment value 9.853, 5 billion, of which capital construction of more than 7,000 billion, the rest is redundancy, loss free consultations.

highway HCMC - Long Thanh - dau giay
highway HCMC – Long Thanh – dau giay

The contribution of capital investment to expand high-speed lines this is urgent is to accelerate soon. This is the communication line blood vessels-high-speed North – South link contact – economic growth in the wake the south. Including the wake and the weak, Ho Chi Minh CITY, Dong Nai, Ba Ria-Vung tau, Tay Ninh, Binh Duong province, Binh Phuoc and Long An. This is one of the real ESTATE project traffic satellite connection Long Thanh international airport. Line 1 connects highway 51 and route number 2 connector highway HCMC – Long Thanh – dau giay. Connecting development entail Real Estate, Long Thanh is the country that grew quickly.

Current page, the highway has 4 lanes and the car traffic 52.414 vehicles/day exceeding the threshold according to the design lag 44.000 vehicles/day and night. This problem leads daughter the high speed, frequent overload, congestion, traffic jams during the weekends or during the summer holidays. Real ESTATE project liberate and expand highways province of HCMC – Long Thanh – dau giay, long 24km, at first, from the bridge She Reached, An Phu ward, District 2, ho chi minh CITY.CITY, the end point is the intersection with the highway Bien Hoa – Vung tau, Long Thanh, Dong Nai.

section from An Phu to the belt 2 release and extension at the 2 sides lift the width of the road surface up to 36m for 8 lanes.
Segment from the belt 2 to the contact button highway Bien Hoa – Vung tau expand the road up to 42,5 m for 8 lanes.