Plants require adequate nutrition to meet their needs. The nutrition of this plant is the nutrients contained in the soil. There are 16 factors of macro nutrient and micro nutrient elements required by plants to sustain growth with good. The application of chemical fertilizers becomes one of the things that is considered right on target to increase the soil fertility when compared with organic fertilizer. Although the application of chemical fertilizers can't always provide benefits for plant, soil and also environment. There are a wide impact that can be felt after the use of these chemical fertilizers.

While by using chemical fertilizers will make the plants become more toned grow because it has sufficient nutrients but rather the application of chemical fertilizers in the long term will give a good impact to soil, plants or the environment. It will bring up the impact instead. The one is the difficult circumstances on the ground, i.e. the texture that it will be harder. So that the application of organic fertilizer can be one of the ways that can be applied to meet the nutrient on the plant so that the plant can adequate nutrients without giving bad impact for other things.

There are many type of fertilizer made from organic materials. What are they? The following will be reviewed for most kinds of fertilizer that you can use to add nutrients in the soil so that crop nutrient needs can be met. Fertilizer the first that can be used is green manure. fertilizer granular the name alone certainly has been able to guess from where the fertilizer is derived. Green manure is a fertilizer derived from plants around us. One of the plants that can created green manure this is from the family of legume. Already many are also popping up fertilizer product from plant material this.

The second namely fertilizer cage. Fertilizer cage, i.e., the fertilizer created from manure of cattle. Fertilizers of this type has been widely used farmers. Even has since a long time. This fertilizer comes from the manure of livestock such as goats, cows, chickens and other. The third is a biological fertilizer. This fertilizer is made from microbes such as bacteria that can give you element nutrient needed by plants. So it will be able to meet the needs of the nutrients from the plants.

one of the bacteria that can be used namely Rhizobacterium or bacteria on the plant roots. There are also compost that is certainly has been widely applied by farmers since a long time. The use of this organic fertilizer will help to create nutrient elements needed by plants are available in sufficient quantities. Need seen also that the elements of the nutrient excess will also create a disruption the growth of plants. Well good news it can be efficacious for you guys.