Music has become a component of human life since ancient times until today. As if inseparable, the human life with the music considered to be more colorful and give you peace in life. There is a term that refer to that music as well as drugs that help people recover from liver disease such as fears and depression. Music present complement of human life when his sad, exult, be happy or be sad. Therefore, many streams of music that developed suited to the needs and expressions that are actualized by humans. No wonder that the musicians pour out all the taste in music as a form of expression of himself that often times represent the taste of the people who participated also feel it.

making music make ourselves feel comfortable, a second load that is carried as loose and yourself ready to start life is good again. Making music is also believed to ably complete the sense of depression that arises in the human self, hence the more scattered chants - song-themed sense of motivation to rise from adversity, that maybe it can only result from a failure in a career or failure in love. Hymn - a song which represents the feeling of that fail becomes a healer that is naturally able to stimulate the substances of serotonin to evaporate into happiness. Usually on when it's the human often times be alone and produce songs as a friend to berintrospeksi and recover their motivation.

Many systems that can be done to make peace of past music, as when You're applying the vehicle far, and set a songs genre chill that makes Your mind quiet and does not seem like a hunted time, or when You are in a service that makes sense of high motivation, hence the song which was upbeat or now known as EDM, is electronic dance music that make the listener feel the sensation to move and motivated to undergo all its activities. To attach music on the human life, then no wonder there is a term that arises is “music is my life, life is music” meaning music that is my life, and my life is a music. Where the music has truly tightly coloring the whole shape of human life.

And hymn - singing that is created by the flow of music there is companions who accompany every human life. There is someone who has a weak feeling soft, hence the alternative music soft or folk that often times become friends they accompany life. There is also a lover of loud music which is customized with their life that is not sometimes hard. They express a sense that they are natural and feel in yourself with the songs they listen to, and the system listen to them instead only need to download lagu in most of the website or platform computerized provider songs.