multi bet – benefits & Erklärung

If a tip gives Person tips für there are 2 or more results (for example, typing für 2 different Fußball games), then displays these results on the betting slip as a parlay. It is possible that such a combination involves a bet between 2 and 12 different tips. Here are combined all the tips (in contrast to a single bet). In this case, müssen then here are all the tips, to win, to be right, and also votes.At the Kombi Wetten the total rate is calculated from the multiplication of the odds of all tips. An example of this - if, for example, 5.00 euros on odds of 1.50, 2.00 and 1.80 euros is set, wäre möpossible profit 27,00 Euro, since 1.50 x 2.00 x 1.80 x 5 euros then 27,000 euros as a total result.In the case of multiples a, höis heres risk. At the time of compilation of combination bets, a genülowing Maß to information is a basic requirement. Therefore, it is important that you know the right thoughts über the conditions für makes the result. If, for example, already a favorite of a größeren lead in a championship, there is the danger that the team shows, the more the full use.Thus, the Combi-bets work, should be a favorite tip in any case.

difference: single - and multi bet

a single bet is typed, however, as in the name of erwähnt, only 1 result. A classic single bet is normally a kind of long-term bet, for example –who will be German Champions in the Bundesliga?

The difference between a combo bet system bet

The difference of bet to parlays is that in the system all the tips not bets should be correct to achieve a profit. A system bet 2/3 from 3 tips for example. Here is also a profit is made, if the cast 3 tips 2 of the tips are correct.In contrast to the bets the risks and chances are the system bets on. The advantage is that you do not need to have all the betting tips the correct answer, but it is sufficient if only a part of (as in the above example, 2/3) to correctly bet has been.

What is a size 13 bet?

13 bet is a form of betting, which has fallen in recent years in oblivion. However, nowadays, she wins again for more Anhänger. At 13, he bet one can bet on the Spielausgänge 13-selected"selected Fußball play (At the tip of 1 = home win, at the tip of 0 = draw; at tip of 2 = Auswärtssieg).The game use a tip number of very –berschaubar.

The benefits of Combi-bets

The advantage of a parlay consists in part in the fact that you can achieve with a smaller bet beträgen, corresponding gains. In contrast to a single bet, there is not in the case of a multiple bet, only single tips, which are pooled on a betting slip then. In the case of a Tipico combination, a joint evaluation is carried out here. As a result, is not, however, if one of the tips fits and goes wrong, the entire bet is lost and so also will be considered. The arise in the Tipico multi bet high Gewinnm opportunities from the fact that the Oneätze of the individual cast tips are multiplied by each other. Therein lies the Problem, or the danger of this type of bet is because of a significantly erhöreported an increased risk is present.