Engage your customers with rich text messaging

 Texting has developed a way far better than it used to be, with character limitations, boring messages, and hurting charges with extra characters typed in. In recent years, we all have witnessed the way communication has changed altogether. With technology advancements, conversation and communication with customers have become more interesting and interactive. With the mobile industry and apps integrated with rich text messaging makes it possible for a business to expand, know their customers better, and learn more about the pain point of your potential customers. 

With Rich Text Messaging communication goes beyond texting. Using images, videos, PDFs, maps and many other features has made a sizeable difference. Leveraging the power of innovative technology (AI messaging bots) and the use of Rich Communication Services (RCS) you can easily know what your customer is looking for and offering the solution for their issues you can keep broadening the customer list. It is difficult for enormous companies to handle thousands of queries coming so, up to one point AI messaging bots can collect the important data that is required to generate lead and understand the requirements of the customer.

Using RCS by AI messaging bot makes it possible to engage customers by asking them queries and answering them uses artificial intelligence designed programs. With Sendsei RCS you can:-

  • Provide highly engaging interactive experiences to your customers, increasing the chances to bring down the customers at top of the sales funnel.
  • Launch engaging marketing campaigns with custom rich media elements.
  • Singular rich-cards are perfect for launching a sequence of messages on your special discount days when you expect to get more queries.
  • Filters the high-quality queries that will qualify and convert as a lead.
  • Help you showcase more products to customers through rich text messages that he/she might be interested in.
  • Get more feedbacks, which is the entryway to improve your services for more sales.

Be smart & stay one step ahead of your competition with Sendsei suite of customized messaging solutions.