For you guys the fans Animesaku certainly will not be unfamiliar with one of the title of the film this anime, that Sword Art online : Alicization has been release at its first session in October 2018, and in gadang-gadang will release the session to them in April. But the impact of an outbreak covid-19 the release of this anime was pushed back and cast a spell around fans of the film weight, the SAO is to be disappointed.

Of course you don't steadfastly not looking forward to the continuation of the story of the action of Kirito-kun and Asuna-san together with Alice in the middle of a war against the enemy. It seems likely the anime is scheduled to re-release in July, hopefully the information this is true. But to wait for the film this release there is no harm if you watch most of the movie other anime that has a storyline similar to the movie SAO though by no means the whole story is similar, refer to what is the list that will be our brief in the discussion below.

his first film for the reader Animesaku is Our No Tou, in self-adjustment of the Manhwa Webtoon from Korea with the title Tower Of God genre action fantasy not only is the story intriguing but with a new view-a new view from the start of the story and the background that we haven't seen before. With its main character, namely bam a mysterious male coming from the dark cave without light. He said irregular with open it's own alias without an invitation from the ruler of the tower. Next go to the tower thing so because want to pursue the one person who he knows is Rachel.

But that Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, this anime is very popular. Tells the story of a man named Satoru Mikami who was killed, then he is experiencing a reincarnation in another world and was born with a form of slime. But slime is not as imagined. Character of the slime is shown to have energy because it can be a wide range of resources that make these characters to be over power because it had been to infuse a dragon named Veldora, it aims to save the dragon it from the shackles of the seal that binds the dragon.

the Film next is the Quanzhi Gaoshou, anime originating from china has an interesting story featuring the story of a main character who's a genius in this game is Ye Xiu namely athletes MMORPG games famous is the Glory, for 10 years of work and he successfully won the championship game this with the team for three consecutive times. But as a result he was later fired by the owner of the squad Esports that he is bela, it make he was frustrated not long pause and then he returned to play and willing to reclaim its former glory.